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Open faced or full faced helmuts for cruisers?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Syd_Chiro, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. just wanting to know how everyone feels......

  2. Fullfaced, all the time!

    Just my opinion but it came from experience... I was hit by a car head on, I bounced off the bonet into a gravel ditch. The helmet was destroyed on the face area and it had been pushed back breaking my teeth in half and messing up my nose but just to think if I DIDNT have that there I could be missing a jaw.

    I do admit though it looks a little silly on a cruiser and you do miss out on the wind blowing in your face... but you can always rip off the visor of a fullface and wear glasses. I think the benefits of a fullface outweigh the cons, but again its only my opinion.
    After all, if most people want a safe past time, they wouldnt of started riding in the first place!
  3. Whichever you prefer... and whichever you feel most comfortable with; *unless* it's a Harley in which case anyone wearing a full face will be suitably pointed out and laughed at :)
  4. :eek: How about on a zuki cruiser?? :?: :cry:
  5. Full face is definitely the best for keeping your face attached to the rest of your head. However a flip-face is a nice compromise between protection at high speeds, with the open-face feel at low speeds ;).
    If you're worried about looks you bought a bike for all the wrong reasons :p
  6. yeah i hear what you are all saying...and i agree as far as safety goes it isnt a question which is better...i gues i wanted to hear what people think of the compromise (if there is one) on short commutes/ cruises to beach etc if it is a valdi compromise to onlyhave the open face...assuming that we know it isn't the ideal when it comes to safety...do you all do it? also is there a Helmut with detachable jaw piece (not sure if that would compromise the integrity of the helmut.....i have seen the slide up ones.... Thx for the opinions too guys, appreciate it.
  7. I've got both. I use the open face around town, and occasionally the full face when I'm traveling out of town or I just feel like it due to the weather.
  8. Tough guys wear open face helmets.

    But cry like babies when their face is scraped off in a fall........
  9. I wear a full face pretty much all the time, but i do have a nazi style helmet that i wear if i am cruising around town with mates, but i wouldn't wear an open face when not just cruising. I may not be the prettiest thing around but i do like my face and beard!! Like others say are you trying to look good or be safe ?
  10. I'm sure I've posted this before.

    Open Face = Half Face in ambo land. I did enough bike prangs when I was an ambo to learn the degree of abrasion resistance of the average chin.

    Imagine yourself with scar from about your zygoma [cheek bone] to the hole where your mouth used to be. If you can live with that, by all means, go the open face.

    but +1 to ZRX1200R re Harley riders :grin:
  11. Full face for me - had a few big offs in my time - and god didnt make this face pretty in the first place!

    And dont be vain enough to think they are looking at you - ITS ALL ABOUT THE BIKE
  12. :LOL: :LOL:
  13. As far as I'm concerned I think you only buy a cruiser for one reason; you like the looks. Full face helmets completely destroy that look.

    So I recommend you get a flip face and a real bike!

    Open face helmets are fantastic if you get the right one that won't choke you at freeway speeds. I go pretty much everywhere under 80k with my flip face up and only put it down if I've got a reason to. I love feeling the wind on my face, having that extra vision on headchecks, and feeling more connected with the ride.

    I see no problem with an open face if you're an experienced rider on a cruisy bike, cruising. I wouldn't go thrashing in one though.
  14. My wallet voted for flip face.
    I only open the face when i'm stationary (at the lights or whatever).
  15. Both

    Open face for a short ride around town. Vision is better, wind in the face, and I don't have to take it off if I'm ducking down to the shops etc.

    Full face the rest of the time.
  16. People buy cruisers for many reasons, and yes looks are usually part of them - exactly like anyone buying any other style of bike.

    IMO open face helmets have nothing to do with the 'look' of riding a cruiser, but more to do with the desired style of apparel of those that wear them - not the bike itself. Some sports bike riders like to have race replica logos all over their bike and one piece leathers with pseudo sponsor logos plastered all over them, with a matching helmet and boots, others will quite happily ride in a pair of mismatching draggins and a textile jacket. Does that "destroy the look' of the sportsbike? If you think the looks of the bike itself weren't a factor in the choice of the bike, then you're sadly mistaken :p

    An open face does nothing for me, but then I used to wear one as a pillion all the time as a kid, and developed a loathing for them. I tried them again as an adult and just couldn't see the attraction, road grit flicked up from anything in front of you, bugs, crap in your eyes - and the number of people that wear glasses/goggles and face masks to combat this makes me wonder why they just don't get a full face.

    However if an open face appeals to someone then good luck to them - each to their own. Choice is a wonderful thing. :) For me however, full face all of the time - better impact protection, better road debris and bug protection, better weather protection and it just feels more comfortable :)
  17. Another vote for the full face flip-front. It's as easy as an open-face to put on (don't even have to take my sunglasses off), but provides better protection. Don't care about the look - I ride for my own pleasure, not others opinions.

    I did look at open-face helmets, but came to the conclusion that the helmet is their to protect my head, and last time I looked my face was firmly attached to my head so equally needed protection.

    As much as I might like to move an inch of tissue matter off my nose onto my chin, I don't think using the road surface to do it is the best way.

    And my beard is not long enough to filter the bugs out before my teeth!

    ergo: full face for me.
  18. good, thanks.
    sleep is intermittent, but I am getting enough none the less. It's been good to have some time off work too.
  19. id love a full face for this time of year but cant find one that fits my fat head i have an xxxl open face any ideas of who makes an open face in xxxl thanks jamie
  20. A head that big needs to be squashed - stop wearing head gear until you have at least clocked up the necessary dents to fit into an XL!