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Open faced helmet on a Sports bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by say_wat, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. What do you guys rekon? I have an r1, and i have been thinking of getting an open faced helmet for daily riding (not when capturing the twisties or something!). I think it would be really comfortable, and considering there are some new ones with a pretty sleek/sporty design it might not look too bad (say, with a tinted visor)? Thoughts? Opinions? anyone tried it?

  2. I've seen too many pics of people who no longer have a face as a result of wearing an open faced helmet in a crash.

    So, I wouldn't wear one. Ever.

    But hey, it's up to you. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it. It'd be just like wearing an open faced helmet on any other bike.
  3. Love the using a rib to fashion a new jaw bone story.

    Another risk, (which applies to poorly fitting ffull face) is the impact on the jawbone can sever the neck where it joins the skull.

    Helmet studies claim there is no statistical evidence to sya they are more dangerous yet there are many stories of people needing reconstruction of thier face ffrom using them - not to mention using your own common sense?
  4. that first one looks SWEET!! :grin:

    i think i'm gunna get one... wonder if the boss will let me? damn that thing is cool!

    Highway to the Danger Zone
    Gonna take you Right into the Danger Zone

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    its a definate yes from the coconut :grin:
  5. I would never ride with an open faced helmet, considering I work in an Emergency Department and see what the results of motorcycle accidents are. I would however consider a flip faced helmet if you are keen on the open faced, I have seen a few people with them and they look quite practical with the appearance of greater protection, but I've never really looked into how safe they are if you face plant!
  6. hey its your face ... if you wanna show it off then go for it , just be prepared for a little extra pain and discomfort if you come off ... hope your parents didnt spend money on your dental health when you were a kid
  7. You can't whinge about the prices, but I just have the same lingering concern as other folks about lower-face damage in the event of even a small 'off'

    {and in the light of yesterday's hot ride, at least a full-face protects you from ALL the hot wind; you couldn't avoid it in an open-face}
  8. you couldn't pay me to wear an open face whilst riding my bike. :shock:

    that said, there are riders would never consider riding around town without a jacket on which i've been guilty of doing from time to time. motorcycling is a risk - exactly how much of a risk is up to you.
  9. Just imagine all the bugs you'll be able to catch in your teeth...
  10. choc full of vitamins and general buggy goodness :grin:

    i'm sold, i just gotta wait for permission....
  11. if one was to wear that will full leathers and boots it would give new meaning to the phrase 'looks like a power ranger'


  12. I find my flip-face real handy - flip it up in the city when you need extra over-the-shoulder visibility and every bit of cool breeze you can get (or if you're about to sneeze!) - then flip it down when speeds come up a bit.

    The trouble is, they look a bit dorky (although the beemer ones are pretty cool, they're just twice as pricey!)
  13. I guess there is a risk involved ofcourse, just like in squidding... but considering the summer heat, and the want to show off my huge grin about riding to everyone on the road seems to justify the move.
    (rant: Nowadays children are scared of riders coz they wear helmets making them look like robots, not very amicable. In the good old days when i was a kid even the bikies with the big beards & tattoos would give a smile and a thumbs up to us kids, and i can't explain the excitement we'd experience; as if superman gave us a present lol.)

    The problem with flip helmets on sports bikes (i mentioned sports bikes specifically for a reason) is that because of the forward lean they go way out of balance, straining the neck. For cruisers they're cool i guess as there is no lean.

    Yes, there is a safety sacrifice; but are open faced helmets (with a visor) that bad in an accident or is it more a misconception in our mc communities?
  14. http://home.exetel.com.au/coconuts/images/Picture 355.jpg

    man i love that photo :cool:
  15. The first one - the Lazer Dragon - is now being sold by AGV in the US, and they now make in a great camo pattern:


    Damn shame the US models don't have AS compliance.

    I went shopping for one just last week - no luck because there were none in my size. If you want one, get in quick because I believe they're a discontinued line in Australia - the price point was higher than customers were prepared to pay for an opne face.

    I luv 'em.
  16. If you can afford them have a look at the bimmer helmets.

    The System 4 had all sorts of options to make it a flip face or an open face.


    Not sure how much of them are available here though...there's always eBay :p

    I'm going to get a System V shortly. My mum gave me some cash for one for christmas and I find the Schuberth helmets fit my enormous teutonic head fairly well :LOL:
  17. I was also wondering about their performance at speeds over 80kph (on the highway etc). I once wore a helmet 1 size too large and it would almost rotate around my head due to the wind resistance- would an open faced helmet cause similar problem?
  18. Personally, an open faced helmet does nothing for me, ( I also like my face the way it is!) But each to their own. :)
  19. It'll be noisy and you'll certainly get some buffet but it shouldn't rotate if it fits properly. If it doesn't fit properly you shouldn't have bought it.
  20. I wouldn't wear one. Last year I happened to see a girl I went to school with, she had a bike accident in the early 1980's and has only just finished having reconstructive work done. She was wearing an open face helmet at the time of the "off". Its not worth it. Besides Bugs are yukky!!