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Open Faced Helmet - Not a stupid Mushroom head...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. G'day,

    New to netrider and resonably new to roadbikes too.

    So hello everyone.

    Im riding a crusier (VL250) with a FF helmet and i just dont think it looks right, even though my crusier is only a baby one i still feel i should have a open faced helmet.

    Anyone know any Open faced helmets that comply with aussie standards - THAT DONT make you look like a mushroom... ?

    Cheers for the help guys.
  2. G'day!


    Are you worried about what other people think when you ride?
  3. Any bike place will have helmets which comply.
    Go in and have a look, find some thing you like,
  4. Who cares what it looks like?

    Open faced helmets make me think of this... hehehe

  5. There pudding bowls, Hahahahaha
  6. You could try something like this:
  7. Not a fan myself, but what about one of those "swinging face" jobs that can be "converted" from open to full-face?
  8. In spite of being less anti-OF than most on this forum, if all you're intending to achieve is "The Look", I would advise against their use.

    If, after due and realistic consideration of the additional risks involved, the need to muck about with additional eye protection on every ride versus the tangible advantages to be gained like ventilation, clear communication and looking like a human being rather than an Imperial Stormtrooper, you still want one, then go looking for one you like.
  9. I have a Shark Evoline helmet that does just that. It supposedly is one of the few that the chin bar actually goes right over to the back so that you arent riding with a wind sock on your head.
    It's a great helmet but is a tad heavier than other helmets and also has some width which might scare you away with the looks.
    I would get onto you tube type in shark evoline helmet and see what comes up. Some good, some dud reviews but you get the idea.

    cheers Michael
  10. good ideas NiteKreeper and Michael :)
  11. Yeah, I wanted an Evoline for convenience's sake, but unfortunately it requires a fatter, rounder head than mine.

    It's a really heavy helmet compared to a full-face helmet with a fixed chinbar, but Shark seem quite proud that it can pass the DOT/etc tests in both open and closed face modes. In fact they say it's the only "flip-face" helmet that passes the tests in both modes. The lower "jawline"/cheeks of the Evoline in open-face mode remind me of a centurion helmet too.

    If you do get an Evoline make sure it's the Series 2, 'cause there were a tonne of revisions/improvements/changes made over the original.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I might have to consider one of these for my next lid. If it fits that is.
  13. Personally, I'd be chosing a helmet based on what makes you feel safer rather than how you feel it looks....

    They're all compliant so it's up to the individual but I'd def go for one that has a full visor along the lines of what's been already posted.
    That's unless you're looking forward to a few bugs for nutrition....
  14. don't wear a helmet man, helmets are for squares.
    if you really want "the cruisin fag look" would be best to wear a bandana instead.
    if you take the sewn in AS standard label out of and old helmet and stitch it to your bandana, should be sweet with the pigs.
    if you are really serious about the right look though, you"ll need a leather beret and a handle bar mustache.

    hope this helps, cheers

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  15. Riding is all about the image !

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  16. +1

    This is what I use! Series 2 has lots of improvements - both in how it is made, and also practical options for the end user - with the visor, the chin section (either up or down) and mechanisms.

    Means as well with servo / secure entry sites that need to see ID and compare your face - you don't have to remove the whole helmet - just flip the chin section back.
  17. Touche. I've been doing it wrong.

    Is that guy riding a scooter?
  18. Yep hes riding a scooter.

    I have seen an open face that I like, its a newy, I seen it on a motor bike mechanics head, it was supplied by his company,
    You cant buy it yet, its still waiting for approval,
    Its a Nolan, It has a screen that goes back inside the helmet, it comes to chin level when its down,
    I want one when its released, costs about $180-00 AUD, sold here as well, off the shelf,

    I have always rode with an open face helmet, I dont like F/Face helmets,
    47 years of riding and my head has never even come close to hitting the ground,
  19. I actually have a thin face , the evoline still fits , you can get larger cheek pads as well. The padding all comes out,I do agree that you buy a helmet for its fit,comfort etc as oppsed to just the looks , take your time.

    cheers Michael
  20. If you can't find what your looking for here..........


    p.s. keep in mind most would not be legal on roads in Australia , no as1698 sticker

    p.p.s. Keep in mind some of them are soo stupid/ugly they shouldn't be legal anywhere in the known universe :)