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open face helmets.......?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sydneybiker, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. still don't understand why people wear them. having come off i did slid along the road and said full face helmet did have scratches exactly were a open face helmet didn't cover....

    mrs yzf-600 likes my face just the way it is, the helmet sure saved part of that.

    why do people wear them? so others can see them riding their bike?

    your thoughts?
  2. Most of the riders I've seen with open face helmets have been Harley riders - I'm guessing their beards probably wouldn't fit in a full face :p
  3. i was talking about this with another netrider at the sydney toll protest. similar to the comments above i cannot fathom how anyone could risk losing their head/face :?

    each to their own of course but no way in hell would this little black duck do it.
  4. Sydneybiker,

    I totally agree, i can't see why anyone would wear an open face helmet on a motorcycle. :!:

    If you have even seen the results of a motorcycle crash where the rider was wearing an open face helmet,
    you would not wear an open face helmet ever.
    The was a set of pics a while ago on sites like rotten.com of the results of a face plant when wearing an open face lid.

    I have seen the damage caused on a mates and my brothers full face helmets from crashes,
    If they were wearing open face helmets, :shock:

    I can see the use of an open face helmet in a race car,
    where you have a roll cage and or body shell to protect you,
    and the helmet protects your head from hitting the roll cage.

    Then to top it off, in some US state you can ride minus helmet, wow thats something I'd like to try, not.

  5. many folk who wear open face helmets probably wouldn't wear them at all unless they were the law. These are the sort of people routinely are content with a black tshirt and tattoos to ward off road rash, so we can't expect them to have too much appreciation for the facial skin...

    it's the old adage - helmets are useless unless you crash... so keep it upright and don't find out! :)
  6. May be they think it looks cool.
  7. i can see the point, and wouldn't mind getting one for short summer trips :D the whole wind in the face thing feels awesome and would is so much better without the chin gaurd in the way. wouldn't do it for a serious ride but for a trip to the shops etc, it'd be much comfier IMO

    but yeah, losing your face would kinda suck i guess. i like dans idea, dont stack. sounds reasonable to me :LOL:
  8. I wear a full face.

    But at the same time I wear draggin jeans on the commute to work and not leathers.

    Why? Comfort vs safety tradeoff.

    Same for open face helmet wearers. Their choice.

    You could make the argument for a commute ride, open face gives you better visibilty to your surrounds, and you're less likely to go for a slide.

    Of course the better question is if we had no helmet laws (like in many US states), how many riders would ride without a helmet?
  9. Probably similar to the number of riders that wear shorts and a t-shirt during summer.
  10. May be it is literally cooler on a hot summer's day. 8)
    I know my black full face gets awfully hot in the sun. :shock:
    The only time I might consider using one would be at a place like HART doing slow ride training.
  11. I look at open face helmets like this.

    In summer they'd be great...until you need to stop with your teeth.

    Give me a full face but damn a peltier cooled one would be nice.
  12. i completely see your point but a better comparison would be wearing shorts vs leathers - a full face gives the bottom half of your face no protection at all whereas draggins provide what i would consider the minimum acceptable protection.
  13. If I were a cruiser guy, it'd be pretty tempting...

    they could argue that if they've never had a crash, whats
    the point of wearing lots of safety gear.
  14. how do you come to that conclusion? :?

    an open face helmet still protects your skull, just leaves the face open to injury. i'd say the draggins Vs leather comparison is pretty fair. leather is as good as it gets and a full face is as good as it gets. draggins are a comfier choice that offer a little less protection, but do still offer a little, zachery the same as the open face. wearing shorts would be better compared to wearing a beanie :wink: :LOL:
  15. Ask Peter Williamson about Open Face Helmets. He lost control at Bathurst on Conrod Straight (2nd hump, pre chase) and bounced off the guard rail a few times at warp speed. the fire extinguisher in the car came loose and hit him in the jaw breaking it rather badly.

    There's also the chance of an object big enough to go though the windscreen and I'd rather be wearing a full face skid lid not to mention the items that find their way into a car during roll overs.

    Drivers also still head butt the steering wheel in big crashes, even with 3" 6 point harnesses on, so again a full face would help.

    In car racing the Head & Neck Restraints (commonly referred to as HANS Devices but HANS is a brand name) are slowly being introduced with a level of resistance from drivers who find them uncomfortable but I usually say to them how comfortable is a broken neck :roll:

    Wonder if anyone has come up with an air bag style neck collar for motorcyclists?
  16. err... i meant open face. :oops:
  17. Surely you're all missing the point.

    Most cruisers don't handle, brake, corner and (if they're American) go like a real bike should. The whole point of riding one is purely for the image and perception of the lifestyle that it brings. Part of that lifestyle is to look hard, mean, and completely ignore other bikers who are foolish enough to try to acknowledge you.

    Who could possibly see you looking mean and hard in a full-faced helmet?

    Light the blue touch-paper and stand well back.................... :)
  18. I have been riding for well over ten years. And I have only ever had one major crash. I was riding with a friend on the GOR 2 years ago this winter.

    I came off on a straight about 2 K's long heading east into Colac 5 min from our destination for the night after riding all day. I don't know how fast I was going but it was a wet day and at around 5.15 pm, so I am told.

    I can't tell you much about the accident as the last thing I remember of that day is having lunch in Apollo Bay and waking up in Hospital at 10.30pm. What I am told is I came over a rise (crest) at speed. The line I was taking was riding on where the right hand wheels of 4 wheeled vehicles would roll on the road. So the crest then dropped off the bike got light I am now in the right hand rut that was full of water from continued Logging Truck use. The only explanation is the bike got light and the tyres aqua planed. The accident must of been quite violent as the bike was banged up pretty bad (My first Ducati) and I hit the road head first knocking me out. I know I rolled onto my front as my gear was proof of this fact. If it wasn't for my full face I would have no face left. My helmet if you can imagine a 130Kg guy sliding face first for 200 metres down the road was, at the front, a good 5mm thinner, it ripped my visor off, tore all the venting off but, my face survived intact with no damage except for a whopping headache for 3 weeks. I had all my gear on and the only injury appart from concusion was the bone in my elbow was chipped. My head hurt more and for longer. My helemt is now mounted in my garage as a permament reminder.

    I class my self as one of the safest riders around. I have friends that would testify to that and they would only put there friends and family only on the back of my bike.

    This sort of thing can happen to anyone. Guys get your gear on, I know it gets hot sometimes but it is better than picking gravel out of your skin for the next twelve months. I now only ever wear ARAI Helmets.

    I don't want to scare you guys away from riding. It took me quite away to get back into the swing of things a specialy riding in the wet again, I still suffer from it to this day with my wet riding. The worst thing with this whole incident is that I don't know what I did wrong so how can I learn from it?

    I hope this helps someone to make the right choice when picking out their helmet. I know full face helmets don't look cool on cruisers but either does permanent gravel rash.

  19. i agree with spiky - a lot of people wear open facers to fit in with the look.

    If you can't understand why people wear open facers, sometimes in life you put sheer enjoyment before potential health consequences - eg smoking... drinking... marriage... :LOL:
  20. You have to be kidding me? So there are sports bikes and "other" imaginery ones? Damn, I was aiming for Vstar 1100, I have doubts now, must touch it better to feel that it's real!!! So you reckon cruiser bikes are for sole puspose of being dick extensions? Maybe there are people out there who like more comfy easy going ride. As far as acknowledging goes, last summer, pretty late, I stopped on the side of the beach road, just for smoke and to enjoy the view. 5-6 sports bikes went past, never bothered to stop. 2 patched bikers stopped and asked if I was OK. That was my experience with it.Plus i get a "nod" almost always. I don't mind any kinda bike, that's why I like netrider comapny, but taughts like these.......brings me to question wether some of netrider see me as a better person if I ride sports bike r a cruiser. I also notice that people on sports bikes don't ride them on track days only, but to and from work, as well as cruisers do.

    And yes, I wear open face helmet, more comfy and I find full face one bit too much claustrofobic, as someone above said comfy VS safety. I have both tough, and wear full face one sometimes. Riding bike is dangerous on it's own, matter of individual to pick level of safety they are gonna aim for. Otherwise we all might just buy ouselves a landcruiser with bullbar and wear full face helmet inside.