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Open face helmets, accident experiences

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread which is distinct to the other one debating open face helmets, and that we'd move from debate to empiricism. In your reply to this thread, please do not engage in debate, but simply state the number of accidents / offs you've had, and out of them how many would have (or did) involve hurting your face, if perchance you had been wearing an open face. You might add some concise / brief details.

    Me: no 'offs' / accidents on the road.
    (I have once fallen off on the dirt: lost the bike in greasy mud. Hit the ground with the facial part of the helmet, but with comparatively little force. Head hit the ground some tens of centimeters away from raised concrete which would have hurt!)

    Just to steer this away from debate, let me add that I am not by this thread attempting to imply that one therefore ought to wear a full-face instead. Some would reasonably draw that implication, some would reasonably deny that that's an implication.
  2. I had an off recently (bike is buggered). We went for a slide. I fell on my side but after sliding a bit must have rolled face down for a portion of it. I now have 2 small dents and a grazed area on the mouth/chin area of my GP Pro helmet. If I was wearing an open face then my chin would be blended onto the road right now.

    I was wearing Ixon pants with inbuilt knee pads but still managed to bruise/graze my knees a bit. I would hate to know what would have happened if I was just wearing jeans or my slacks. The weakest part of my gear would be my basic $99 Dainese gloves and I broke my hand :p
  3. Voted yes. Got knocked off my bike doing a left hander the guy was turning right into the street I was exiting and cut the corner. SMIDSY.

    Anyhoo I my hads hit the deck first followed by my head, face down. The road took a chunk out of my chin guard and made a mess of the visor.

    Glad I was wearing a full face helmet
  4. my only off, i highsided and faceplanted. very lucky i was wearing full face, i'd be missing my chin otherwise.
  5. I haven't voted, but a work colleague of mine tells the story of being knocked into the armco by a van on the M4 in Sydney.
    Guy just changed lanes without looking.

    My workmate noticed something funny whizzing top-to-bottom of his visor and wondered what the hell it was before he figured out it was the road he was sliding down :eek:

    -Normally wears an open-face; grabbed the full-face because it was closer on his way out that morning.

    V. lucky dude. He's convinced he wouldn't have a face today without a shitload of plastic surgery if he'd been wearing his usual helmet.
  6. my only off, i highsided and faceplanted. very lucky i was wearing full face, i'd be missing my chin otherwise.