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Open clutches - what's the deal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Al_Cam, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. I don't get it. Open clutch housing. Why is it not a problem with water or worse grease getting between the plates? Popular farkle item. Motogp bikes seem to have them. As Pauline Hanson said: "Please explain".

  2. Function - cooling, weight, gives clutch dust a way out
    Cosmetic - looks cool (especially when moving), makes noise (acquired taste), reminds people you have a dry clutch (which means you ride one of a number of semi-exclusive marques)

    Water, grease and other contaminants aren't so much a problem if you replace all the key parts (pressure plate, springs etc) with stainless. The pressure plate and airflow does a pretty good job of keeping/blowing most of it out.
  3. Hate the sound of those friggin things
  4. There's actually two distinct sounds - the rattle in neutral, and the clutch-in 'hiss'. I like the hiss, don't like the rattle. You can cure it by rearranging the clutch plates.

    Btw I don't have an open cover yet, got other higher priorities. I'll get one when I run out of things to spend my money on (which, with a Ducati in the garage and a baby on the way, might be a while).
  5. Can a dry clutch bike run a "car oil" with all the engine prolonging stuff that would root a wet clutch?
  6. Yep, but most of us use motorcycle-certified oil anyway because it's still shared with the gearbox which puts different stresses on the oil, which a lot of car (engine-only) oils don't cope with.

    That said, quality oil is quality oil and a lot of Duc owners just use a high-quality full-synth (group IV/V) car oil.
  7. Eaier to change for race bikes.
  8. Ah good point.