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Open checkbook - Your new bike pick?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by randy, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Open checkbook - Your new bike pick? To blow away the rest.
    Please make your choice in order (your first pick to last) out of the following (may add other unlisted production model if you feel belongs with this company). Please note any good/bad points to models ref performance, handling, design, etc.

    The bikes I am considering (in my order so far) are:

    AGUSTA F4 (new entry)
    CBR 1000RR
    GSX-R1000 (dropping the GSX-1300R, too heavy)

    Please no lame ass replies from over the hill cruisers, gay cowboys and other uninformed (ref Fastest Bike topic)

  2. CT110... dat shits da BOMB
  3. Triumph Rocket III , then it gets hard.
    But if I can't have that then possibly a Daytona or something in the V twin cruiser line.
  4. mine would have to be the 05 GSXR1000,
    which is arriving May sometime...

    can't afford the 999R
    RC-51 would be nice,,ya have to keep the revs high through the twisties
    a mate has the CBR1000RR
    ZX10r ,test rode one, didn't like it
    SERIE ??
    the Busa is to big
    R1,,haven't ridden one yet
  5. ...THAT's an invitation to built a couple of my own...or at least 4, come to think of it :)
  6. No question....
    K 1200 S :)
  7. Turbo Across! :)
  8. I don't believe I could consider the K1200S, way too heavy and not enough speed for my liking.
  9. ZX10R thankyou, looks the meanest, is the lightest and has the most horsepower :D
  10. Rocket III, without a second's hesitation.
  11. If you're lookin' at 999R, what about MV Agusta F4 1000? And if your chequebook is really FAT you can always buy an Ago for $52,000!!
  12. nah, one of the new KTM 990 Superdukes would be my choice, a pretty damn impressive cornering weapon.

    or maybe a gsx1400 to blow everyone off at the lights

    or even a cbr69 conversion (600 frame with fireblade engine) wouldnt that just give the R1 boys the shits

    but if we are talking true power no compromise all out weapon then it has to be the MTT Y2K, 300hp and 425lb of torque (admitedly from a turbine engine but hey the thing is road leagal see http://www.marineturbine.com/motorsports.asp ) ok so the thing will set you back the best part of $400,000, but with an open cheque book then anything is possible
  13. Hey Randy can i make a sudjestion ?
    B4 you make comments like this

    A: get yourself a bike 1st
    B: come for a ride with some of us "gay cowboys" and "IF" you do manage to out ride us all , im sure we'll bow down to you in awwwwww !
    I think you'll find there is quiet a few of us that do get out on the tracks on a reg basis and chew up some tyres ! :p

    But anyway if i had a moneys no option, id go the
    MV Agusta 1000 F4
  14. As many stated in the fastest bike thread - for what purpose are you looking? Straight lines (doesn't sound like it as you are not considering the 'busa)? Tight twisties (600's may be best)? Track (depends on the track really...) etc. These will all play a factor in the bike. Further, are you going to consider any mods on them? Some are easier to tweak and upgrade than others, or are you planning on pure stock form?

    As I said before for a good look at these bikes google 'masterbike competition' - this will provide you with many technical and usability details of most bikes you listed. Should note that the majority of masterbike riders posted faster times on the gsx750r than on the zx10r, even though the zx10r had the single fastest lap (which shows it is how you ride moreso than the ride itself - each rider will find a different bike best)
  15. Mmmmm........Ten Kate CBR1000rr $42000

    Done. There is nothing better. Andreai suspension, 185-190ps at the back wheel, aaaaaaaaaall the trick bits like braking wave discs, braided lines, carbon bodywork, trick triple clamps.......mmmmmmmm im drooling.....

    Failing that a 990 superduke please.

    All those overpriced deygo pieces of shite can get rooted.
  16. Still got alot of learning to do on what I already have, but I wouldnt mind trying out a zx10r. Great looking bike & impressive specs.
  17. Open chequebook!

    Then I would like... specialist engineering workshops and access to expertise. Then I would design the bike I want...

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  18. mmmmmm
    a ten kate cbr-rr for the track and a benelli tri for the road.
    and another 10,000 to spend on the gixxer to REALLY send it off tap!

    Maybe with an open fund supply i'd even seek out a nice norton cafe racer to have some fun on!
  19. Money no object?!

    Only 1 bike?

    Farstest bike for track work and Sunday morning blast?

    I wouldn't bother with the Japanese alphabet 10000000s

    - MV Agusta F4 AGO
    - Benelli Tornado

    Farstest bike A to B on a weekend away?

    - Triumph Daytona

    Farstest bike for a week away with the wench?

    - Honda St1100

    Fastest bike for Randy?

    Postie bike. This is because they are quicker to pick up off the ground.
  20. I would have thought that Randy would have been more of the poketbike type. If money was no object maybe the best plan would be to buy up all available Suzuki Across' and burn them. :)

    Seriously though how could you go past having a bike custom built out of exotic alloys and carbon fibre, no mass produced bike could ever compete with that.