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OOpsy... I dropped it : (

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by minimatron, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Well, yesterday started off to be a great day, I got lovely omelette cooked up for me for breakfast, some guy came out to look at my Z250b thats up for sale and said he'd drop off a deposit and then I was given the opportunity to ride my other half's CBR600. I have never ridden anything that big and I was very excited, but nervous!

    I took it down the Westall Rd extension, turned into spring rd all the way to the end. The end turned out to be a no through road with heaps of gravel and ofcourse, I put on the front brake as I was doing a u-ey and bang, it slipped out from right under me. I dropped it :(

    Well I rang the boy and got the response I thought I would get (yelling and screaming) I had to get him to come pick it up... much too heavy for me. The front brake snapped off, the faring was damaged and so was my pride!

    Well, its ok now, we fixed it all up. I took the bike for a ride again last night and went fine, although nervous. I've worked out that every bike I have taken on a 'test' ride, I have dropped. Bad luck, hey. This morning I am nursing a sore arm, but I am ok :) and I am still looking forward to buying my next bike....
  2. better to drop your partners pride and joy than your own. :wink:

    gravel is evil i treat it like ice whenever i encounter it, as i'm sure you will from now on as well. :(
  3. Sad thing is thats how i dropped my first bike... will i ever learn?
  4. sorry to hear you stacked, but I wouldn't call dropping every bike you've test ridden 'bad luck'. Be careful out there.
  5. very sorry to hear about the drop
    bhut if ur looking for a bike drop me a pm im selling mine :wink: :grin:
  6. looks like you need my reg plate.......

  7. Hey I like that number plate! yeah, guess I need to be more careful and learn how to ride properly... front brake rear brake stuff. Lots to learn, got to keep practicing. Hey troy... will you be posting your bike up? I need something with a short seat hight..... but not a cruiser!
  8. Well better a drop at that speed than blasting round a corner at 100kph. Pride means nothing, bikes can be fixed, your OK thats all that matters.
  9. Even if you had returned the bike in a million pieces he is the one that willingly gave the keys over to you, it is at this point you forfeit the right to go off at someone, so he should have been yelling and screaming at himself, never lend out your bike, NEVER.
  10. Remind me never to let ya test ride my bike.

    In saying that I had my 6 for 2 weeks and did the exact same thing....gravel dead end u turn and snatched the front break. Couldnt have laid it down any easier though, so got real lucky.Literally zero damage :)
    The break caught be by surprise on te 6 compared to the 250 ..good thing though.

    As said at least you werent doing any great speed.

    Chalk it up to experience.

    Now just don't do it again.

    Oh and ya right doesn't matter what speed ya doing or not doing an ooops moment can play havoc with ya confidence.
  11. Never, EVER use front brake at low speeds, with wheel turned and especially on a loose surface.
    Rear brake only, and keep teh bike upright on gravel.
    The front brake can be successfully used when going backwards, but beware that hitting a pothole whilst going backwards can force the stering full lock, so go slow.

    Regards, (gravel driveway, have to back the bike down and do a backwards 90 degree turn onto turf/mud to get out on a 260 kg bike) Andrew.
  12. Well, yes I have worked out that gravel and front brake doesnt work. The boy was angry and I think more with himself and then i eventually was more upset than he was. he was fine, he showed me how to fix the bike and taught me how to bleed the breaks...there was a lesson to be learnt in may ways. We both are now having a bit of a gigle about it. Mind you, I have a really sore arm, I must have pulled my tricep trying to hold up the bike before it slipped.

    It hasn't deterred me though, i cant wait till i buy my next bike and get out on the road again.. (after i can move my arm properly) :)
  13. heh heh I agree with Slyfox; better to drop someone else's bike than your's :LOL:

    hands up who else's first fall was front brake on gravel?? Mine, for sure, join the club.....
  14. Well, he can't have been that mad (or he's seriously in love), as he let you out on it again!

    Remind me of a saying...'drive it like a hire car'
  15. ... and people wonder why it's so expensive to hire a motorbike! It's allowing for a new chain, sprockets, rear tyre, and minor service every 2 hires!
  16. Seriously in love... :grin:
  17. It's good that you got back on the horse immediately, so to speak. Better than never being allowed to ride that bike again and developing a "thing" about bigger sports bikes.

    ...And even better that your man's mad about you :grin: