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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vic, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. and on top of everything else, the dill is liable for damage to the truck :rofl:.
  2. pfffft thats what you get when you learn wheelies for all the wrong reasons.
  3. What an awesome piece of footage! Lucky bloke that one!
  4. Lol. That's pretty rich coming from someone called "fastkid" who is popping a wheelie in shorts in their avatar.... So, enlighten us, what are the right and wrong reasons? :LOL:
  5. wow your quick to judge. trying doing it for oneself not for the fans?

    p.s eat my shorts.
  6. And not for the fans??? :LOL:


    Looks kinda like it's for the fans here...

  7. Ahhh No. I wheelie because I enjoy it, just so happens that people were there 2 watch. I learnt for myself, not for others. I actually do most of the stunts on my own. I guess you would know that, because you know me soooooooooooo well :roll:

    devotard -

    Look at you... dont even know how to chop up photos correctly! And your saying is not even funny!

  8. I work 10 hours a day as a graphic designer, the last thing I want to do while procrastinating is use photoshop, the very thing I'm getting away from. :LOL:

    But if you want to give me "stunting" or "chopping" lessons, that'd be sik fastkid! :p
  9. anytime :) btw im on the forum this late cos I just finished work, friggen graveyard shifts.
  10. On a different note, there is a truck driver that never learned defensive driving. Either that or they decided to deliberately hit the bike, or were perving without thinking about consequences, or just not thinking.

    Any driver who sees a vehicle in front move as far as possible to the inside (right in this case) of their lane, and doesn't follow suit while on the lookout for danger, deserves to hit something and damage their truck.
  11. :rofl: .....and that couldn't be the case for this guy too? :roll:

    You and Dougz need to get a room............. :LOL:
  12. i thought the same thing roderick, the bloke didnt attempt any evasive action, irrelevant i spos since the rider still cops the blame.

    devotard, i thought it was funny :grin:

    mmmm graveyard shifts, getting paid to sleep. mmmmm.