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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Yesterday, stuck in traffic. Right hand lane about 6 cars back. I noticed a bike at the front in the right lane but over to the left and a car next to him.

    Traffic moves off, bike ahead of the traffic. 300 metres on we come to another set of lights. However, the bike, for some reason got stuck behind a truck. I'm behind 3 cars. Bike decides to move from the left lane to try and get to the front. Next thing I see is that he's gone arse up. I couldn't see how it happened, but at first glance it seems that he lost his balance.

    Whatever, the passenger in the car in front of me jumps out and gives the guy a hand with his bike. It's wheeled onto the median strip. Meanwhile, the driver in the car happens to turn on these red and blue flashing lights.


    A young woman who was in a 4WD who was near the guy also got out of her car to assist. Not sure if she was involved. Whether he clipped her vehicle or she clipped him. Whatever, the cops who were detectives, had a first hand view of the incident.

    Hmm. What an embarrassment. dropping the bike, after attempting to "lane split/filter" to the head of the line. And in front of cops, too.

    Guy didn't look particularly happy. The bike, a VTR SP2 didn't appear to be damaged, but hard to tell. Cops waved us on, no rubber necking, thanks.

    I came back that way 10 mins. later. No-one about. Obviously any problems were sorted quickly and everyone went about their business.

    You never know who'll be lurking in cars, these days. I saw an umarked car the other day with a Hayman Reece hitch. It was a Commodore with no body bits (rear wing, etc.) hanging off it. But it was a V8. I only knew that it was an unmarked car because of the flashing lights in the rear window and that the cop was directing traffic in the toy run down here.

    So, if you see a current model Commode with a hitch and a largish mobile phone lookalike antenna hanging off the back window then chances are it's plod. Just like the detective's car yesterday (it too had a towbar).

  2. Interesting about cops with towbars - it's one thing that I always look for when I see a late model commodore whilst splitting :? . That and stickers from car dealers and number plate surrounds.
  3. ahhh yeah watch out for em'...there sneaky lil....people
  4. The crimestoppers sticker usually gives it away too:

  5. The easiest way to look for them are the antenna on the back. They will all have them however you do get quite a few false alerts when using this system as most company cars have mobile phone ones on them. We're just lucky in Qld that they hardly ever use vehicles other than beige/green commodores.
  6. Have had a couple undercover cops try and cut me off and block me with a Black Valiant Charger. I sat there a few moments staring at them in disbelief. They didn't identify themselves as officers of the law so I high tailed it out of there. And of cause they chased. I lost sight of them and quickly putted into a carpark and shut down in hopes they'd just go by and leave me alone.

    They found me however a bit later, congratulated me on some smooth moves, them proceeded to question me as to why I'd make a run from the police.

    I had to explain that the car they were driving actually belonged to a friend of mine I worked with and he had it confiscated for street drags. And that they were in plain clothes and had not identified themselves as officers. So I assumed they were eithr a pair of hoods out looking for trouble or they were thiefs with the intention of Jacking my ride. Which I suspected the latter since I knew the car they were in.

    Fair enough they said, we won't give you the tickets for speeding, dangerous driving, resisting arrest and evasion and some other things they listed. But they still gave me a $30 ticket for an oil leak.

    Couple weeks later I went to my Dads house only to find the same car parked in close behind the house, I sh!t myself. My dad and the two officers were sitting under the house knocking over a carton of beer. Polie radio turned up just in case they got a call. They stay their drinking with my dad the entire shift. Turned out one was a friend of my dads he'd met through another friend when they'd gone pig hunting.

    When they saw me all they could do was laugh, apperantly the look on my face was priceless.

    So they could be in anything these days.
  7. Unbelievable but True.

    Back in the late 60's a former girlfriend of mine was working in the registration section of whatever the Roads people were called in Queensland then. She was handling the registrations for government vehicles. The cops had just purchased a whole lot of replacements for their unmarked cars and she allocated PIG-xxx number plates to them. It was only partially deliberate (the series was coming up and she grabbed the opportunity).

    What was funnier was that nothing was said until about 4 months later when the Courier-Mail picked up on one of them. :LOL:
  8. A VTR SP owner who can't ride....what a surprise.
  9. All their rego stickers end on 30 June each year!!
  10. yeah coz i like to get close enough to read the rego stickers, just to tell if theyre cops or not :roll:
  11. Most government fleet rego's have four different expiry dates to spread the costs evenly over the full years budget (25% on April 1, 25% on July 1, etc).

    I also notice that Commonwealth Gov' Z plated vehicles have Victorian Rego these days here in Melbourne. Oh the days of true Z cars when the parking Nazi's could put as many tickets as they wanted on a car but as it wasn't truly registered we never had to pay the tickets, doesn't happen any more :cry:
  12. okay today i saw a Blue XR6 turbo with full bodykit and scoop, with orange XR8 GT stripes pulling someone over....

    I was like Whoa!!! nice car...lose the christmas lights in the front n back window and i would love it!!
  13. I don't reakon that they are too difficult to spot ... with the aerials, dark tint, and lights in the bottom right of the parcel shelf ...

    Towbar's new though ... :?
  14. I always lookout for late model commodores, the easiest way to spot them is if they have 2 aerials (one on each side) or a big fat one where the radio aerial usually is. I've noticed I am seeing more and more all the time
  15. kenno
    I agree, personally its a BIG turn off for girls to see guys with xmas fairy light shit all over their utes.... manly image goes out the window!!
  16. I was talking about the police lights.... But im definatley not a fan of christmas decos all over a car..... a bit fairish....
  17. well watch out guys coz the police department came into my workplace not too long ago and bought 10 brand spanking new FPV F6 Typhoons.. and they are all unmarked so watch yourselves..
    haha and the funny thing is i saw one of these in action just the other day.. was waiting at the lights to turn out of my workplace.. waiting for the lights to go green.. traffic lights go amber so my lights are goin to go green soon then i see SS commodore thrash it through the amber.. nxt thing i hear a siren.. i look around to see where it's coming from.. then i see an orange typhoon taking off and giving chase.. lol i then rode past and i saw the bloke in the commodore pulled over and he was just shaking his head hahah
    by the way the performance undercover cars as in the xr6 turbo's and ss commodores are lowered :eek:
    so keep an eye out for that :wink:
  18. I saw one last week a new VE Berlina in black with the tow bar
  19. Maybe you should expand your horizons to cover Magnas, Camrys, Lancers and even Mitsu Colts ;) (That's if you're in NSW, can't tell what city you're from by ur suburb)... or you could ride the limit :p
  20. got pulled over by detecives in a 4wd once. was at a rather fast pace too and then just had this car filling the rearview. searched me and a mate, threw my licence on the ring road and said go get it.

    better than a fine. sort of.