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  1. oops :shock:

  2. Oh dear.
  3. watch how the lunatic motorcyclist rhetoric gets dragged out again on the current affair type programs. I am just imagining it now.
  4. Hey! Looks like "Randy" found himself a bike!
  5. More bad press coming our way me thinks.....
  6. Blast!!! They should have been going faster then they wouldn't have been able to see them...

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. :applause:
    Fancy being stupid enough 2 do those kind of speeds on a "Motorway". [-X They may as well have just gone 2 the cop shop & handed in their licenses & save the cops the time & trouble of getting them.
  8. Not just those speeds on a motorway/freeway, those speeds anywhere but on the track. I'll bet they'll be whinging - 'but I need my bike to get to work' - stiff titty methinks
  9. pretty stupid but hands up who hasn't done it on some back road just to see what their bike can do, or what it feels like?
  10. true, but back roads are quite different than major motorways. I mean on backroads there could be potholes, cows, dogs, rabbits, etc. which all make it much safer than on major motorways. :)
  11. but when was the last time u saw a copper on a back road
  12. Good point Russell... I dont think i have ever seen a police radar on a back road.

    Seen the cows, pot holes, kangaroos and flying pigs, but not coppers... :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I think something similar was mentioned on a previous post, if the cops want to slow people down then need to be visible rather than hide in corners attempting to catch people speeding. What gets me is how these people were caught traveling at speeds greater than 190kmph, did they get a pang of guilt and pull over or did the cops chase them until they pulled over. I was always under the impressoin that if the speeds were too fast then the cops called off the chase.
  14. There's something weird going on here. Using Mozilla Firefox. When I clicked on that "firestorm" link in your message I got a front page of a web forum. When I clicked on to reply to say "well?", I saw the above link to the herald-sun in the quoted text......
  15. Forget it. Just realised that the "oop" comment was a link. Firefox isn't displaying as a link, hence no indication that it should be clicked on.....
  16. The www.ozfirestorm.com. is my sig and also a link to the site.
    The 'oops' that is in the first is a link to the story in the Sun only all the www.bullshite/story/more/crap/andletters.com.au has been shortened to make the link fit into the forum or you get this streching of the page effect as in the 7th post in this thread.

    Hope that has helped if not please feel free to PM me or e-mail so i can get it right for ya. Andy the Admin at www.ozfirestorm.com
  17. You can change the settings in Firefox to display the links in a different colour
    I have mine set at blue before and green after it has been visited.