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Oops - sorry nearly took out a rider!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Yep today I was the bad man in the evil motocar...

    My regular commute to work today after dropping kids at school and where the rd splits from 1 lane to 2 for the traffic lights (Ashgrove Av crossing Kelvin Grove rd) I joined the queue of traffic. Now to my mind the road was still a single lane at this point - but a fellow car driver behind me decided it was wide enough to split into 2 lanes already (I would have left it another 20m or so perhaps) so he passed to my left avoiding the queue of people wanting to turn right. I gave it a moments thought and decided that was a valid manouvre so after the briefest of mirror and semi-headchecks I pulled out to my left...

    and from NOWHERE a 250Ninja whistles past my left wing with the rider, quite rightly shaking his head in disbelief.

    Fortunately no harm came to anyone - but mate - if you're reading this I am really sorry - as a rider who rides this stretch of road most days I deal with people doing that to me all the time and it gives me the shits, so I feel TERRIBLE that on this occassion I am most definately the bad guy.

    Just remember folks - when we get off the 2 wheels, into 4 and the spidey-sense isnt working over-time we still gotta pay attention, we *know* whats it like out there.
    Time for me to eat:
  2. To be fair to you, the rider should be more careful, wizzing past stationary traffic where cars can change lanes at any time is a recipe for disaster, ask me I know!

    Always assume you haven't been seen and act accordingly (i.e. slow down, reposition yourself etc).
  3. Ah yes, that intersection.
    Gets a bit hairy sometimes on the other side too in the jostle to get in front when the road merges back to one lane.
  4. F***ing cager. :cheeky:

  5. dammit i only clicked this so i could give you a hard time!

    but, you were in the right, the bike was in the wrong.
    dose'nt matter how wide the road was, if it's only marked as one lane he can't overtake you on the left.

    but, i'm keeping my eye on you cager!...sooner or later you'll slip up...and i'll be there to chew you out
  6. Ha, perhaps the TAC could remake the "switching places" ad but targeted at bikes; I'm sure we do come out of nowhere a lot of the time.
    Agreed with Spawn, the rider should know there's a high chance of people doing what you did (esp if he saw the guy in front of you do it ....), slow down and give himself space.
  7. I think it is legal to overtake on the left a stationary vehicle waiting to turn right against traffic, but it is not legal to overtake on the left a stationary vehicle waiting for the person in front of him/her to turn right. Having said that, in practice it seems to be a case of whoever pulls out to the left first has right of way, effectively creating a defacto lane until the obstruction has cleared.

    Spawn is right, these kind of situations are a bloody death trap for motorcyclists. I always ride past expecting someone to pull out on me, regardless of whether I have my own lane or am creating one.

    DadAgain, I wouldn't feel too bad if I were you, it's a typical cager mistake.
  8. Actually, it is legal to overtake a stationary car on the left, regardless of whether they are turning, provided it is safe to do so.

    Of course, if they are suddenly pulling into the left hand lane it could be argued that they are no longer stationary and it has ceased to be safe to overtake them. I guess you'd need to be pretty clear that you had started your overtake move before the car tried to pull out.

    Either way, when I'm filtering past cars (usually in the left lane when there are parked cars taking up half the lane) I keep my speed down to 20 kph. I still get to the front, and I can stop easily if I have to. People step out, or open their car doors. I even saw a passenger open a door in front of me and jump out to run in to a shop. They are stuck in traffic, so they assume nobody else is moving either. Bicycles have the same problem, only worse if anything. Their brakes suck and they don't have as much gear.
  9. I did get knocked off passing a car on the left recently. I was in the lane with the parked cars when the car to my right suddenly came left at me, to avoid someone in front of him, who had suddenly decided to turn right.

    Only damage was a slightly broken front brake lever.

    Turned out the guy was a rider too and was very apologetic but I just said "No problem, it was a stupid place to be riding anyway."

    'Cos it was.