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oops - Pedestrian down.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cossie, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Riding to work this morning and was lane filtering down a 3 lane highway as I always do, but today a crazy woman was sprinting through the stationary cars. By the time I saw her it was too late, she ran right in front of me. I hit the brakes, they locked up and before I even let off them I hit her. :shock:

    She turned and saw me a split second before I hit her. I tried to steer round her but she was square in front of me. Luckily the front of the bike missed her but she took the full force of my shoulder and helmet as I came off the bike (sort of like a very slow high-side). She bounced off the side of the car she was crossing behind and hit the deck pretty hard, closely followed by me and the bike.

    I thought she'd be pretty knocked about but she got up, said "I'm so sorry it was completely my fault but I'm running really late and I've got to go." I tried to get her to wait so I could check she was ok but she just said she had to go and ran off again.

    The car driver who's car we ended up on/under was great she said it was all the womans fault and was very concerned if I was ok. There was no damage to her car. Another lady who pulled up said the same thing, it was all her fault and I didn't stand a chance.

    I commute every day regardless of weather and have been doing so for nearly 2 years and this is my first accident. Yes I lane filter, and yes I lane split. I reckon I'm pretty much mid range with the speed I travel at and the risks I take. I'd say half the riders I come across are splitting faster/harder and half are slower/safer.

    I still think the accident could have been avoided if I'd been going a touch slower and I'd hate to think it could have been a child or someone a bit more fragile that got hit.

    The bike is ok though, just a few scratches down the side but it had already been down on that side before I bought it, so luckily no extra damage was done.

    Will I slow down? probably not by much, although I'll probably take less risks.
    I will, however, be keeping a much sharper eye out for stray ped's in the future.

    Oh, and a big thanks to the two motorcyclists who were travelling at a similar speed to me in the same direction who didn't stop to help and just carried on riding past while my bike was lying in the middle of the road. :roll:
  2. Good that all parties got away with no injuries. :)
  3. Thats pretty lucky man, did you get any witness's numbers or details?? the ped might yet re-consider and sue (touch wood)

    Hope this doesn't happen again.
  4. nah, she ran off before I'd even got my bike back up off the ground.
  5. :shock: :shock: :shock: Gez man your lucky you got away with just that! What a stupid bloody thing to do ( the woman). :mad: How bloody irresponsible! For jepodising her life cause she was running late :roll: and taking you out! :eek: A perfect example, expect the unexpected!

    I was a motorcycle courier and never had that happened where i actually hit one! :eek: I actually chased one cause he saw me coming and i horned him to stop and he just ignored me and ran straight into my path, so natually i powered on and gave chase to the young smartarse in the suit! :cool: :LOL:
  6. i wonder who would cop it? her for jaywalking, or you for filtering? being melbourne/Vic with no defined filtering law, that could have become quite a messy legal situation....
  7. so let me get this straight; she "fled" from the scene of an accident?!

    this so could have been worse!
  8. Unlucky mate. I see your point about her running and you not being able to stop in time, not too much us normal folk can do.
  9. VERY lucky for you. If this went to court I would confidently bet large amount of money on a verdict in her favour.
  10. Which is exactly why I was very happy for her to run off like she did!

    As for who's fault it was it's probably 50/50 anyway, and ped's never seem to get charged with anything like this, so I wouldn't fancy my chances.

    And the 2 riders who didnt even stop to see if I needed help certainly won't be getting a nod at the lights this morning! :(
  11. hey cossie... just wondering what kind of bike are u riding and roughly how fast u think u were going?

    as usually do about 15kp/h while filtering/land spliting sometimes faster sometimes slower depends on how much room i have

    as for the 2 motorcyclist.... they probably hit there unexpected pedestrian and now on there way to work :p :LOL: :LOL:
  12. guess that tac ad, actually sums up how stupid people really are.....i except children to not look when crossing a road, but adults ffs

    Cossie glad to hear you came out of it unharmed.....sorry hear about the damage to your bike.
  13. Pedestrians and pushbike riders scare the hell out of me, because they both believe that the rules of the road apply to everyone else but them. I narrowly missed killing an Asian student who ran across three lanes of traffic out the front of Sydney Uni a few years ago; I was in the car and his righ foot brushed my headlight as he just made it to the kerb. My heart was pounding for 10 minutes afterward.
  14. cossie would cop it, doesn't matter motorist aree in the wrong if they hit a ped, more so that the woman how stupid she was, wasmoving through stationary vehciles, to come across a motorcycle filtering between them, shit happnes, but very lucky that it wasn't taken further, or serious injuries sustained.

    a neg driving leading to bodily harm doesn't look good on anyones driving record or criminal record
  15. Um, what about the fact that she was a pedestrian running accross a HIGHWAY?? :?
  16. He'd cop it OK, and in my opinion it would be not for filtering but for going too fast for the road conditions. He couldn't manage to avoid hitting a PEDESTRIAN - doesn't it tell you he was going faster than visibility allowed?
  17. Um, no. Most people couldn't stop on a HIGHWAY in time to avoid a pedestrian who ran straight out in front of them :?
  18. Not just any highway - a highway on which traffic came to a stop. If you're the only one on the road who is still moving, it falls on you to be prepared for unexpected things like drivers opening their doors to see what's happening, taxi passengers deciding it will be faster and cheaper to jump out of the cab and walk.. and for pedestrians who might decide to take the opportunity and cross the road.

    You might not think so, but you can bet the judges would. And accidents like this will only provide the ammunition to make filtering illegal. So people - take care for heaven's sakes!
  19. If a motorist is doing anything illegal, speeding, being wreckless, filtering if you're not meant to, and something happens then it's going to be a hard sell saying you're in the right.
  20. Dandenong Rd is a Highway and so is the Nepean Highway and peds are allowed to cross both those.

    If said ped was crossing within 20m of an intersection that's Jay Walking and an offence, if greater than 20m then the whole filtering/splitting legality thing kicks in. Seeing the work filtering was used I assume the traffic was stopped for a set of light or similar so the ped might've been crossing legally onlyto finda bike sneaking between the cars

    S'pose the golden rule is to split/filter at a speed that allows you to react to anything that might pop up in front of you.