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OOPS I'm still doing a TRX project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jace, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Fix it back to original condition

  2. Fix back to original and get a paint scheme

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  3. Streetfighter all the way

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  4. Why bother

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  1. Well I accidentally modified the TRX in a crash on the black spur a couple of weeks ago :oops:
    Now that the bruises have gone away and I'm at square one and scratching my head wondering what to do. I have sourced most of the replacement running gear (standard mirrors, switch gear, clip on, levers, crankcase, footpeg). I have always thought about making her in to a full on streetfighter and was wondering others thoughts and opinions.
    Actually i'll put a poll up.
    Please feel free to offer hints/tips/suggestions/suppliers.
    I have taken all the broken stuff off and am ready to make a start (actually that reminds me better drop the fairings off to the repairer). So what do you reckon?
    Here are some pics for reference
    Here she is in mint condition Good
    Not so mint bad
    ultimate If only I had the money

  2. Re: OOPS I juts started a TRX project

    mmm, you know you want it!
  3. How much moolah are you willing to pour into it??

    Once the fairings are fixed, it will need a paintjob anyway, spray it a different colour if you feel like a change, if not just touch up the repairs.
  4. Good question. I dont know really.I can get it back on the road for $1500 so budget could be up to $3000 without going to stupid. But as anyone thats done projects before knows you're always spending money on the bloody things :roll: :grin:

    Edit: Motard yes I would love it :wink: The attention a beast like that would get would be Phenomenal.... I'd feel dirty though if I used as a (swallows)commuter :oops: . :LOL:
  5. C, thats the one you want isnt it :wink:
  6. Depending on your budget and what you want out of the bike in the long run.

    Do you want to keep it for a while? If so then streetfighter

    If you want to sell it soon, I'd imagine be easier to sell a near enough to stock model.

    And "if only you had the money" ditch that under engine cover and not a bad looking bike :p
  7. STREETFIGHTER! YES! this bike would be a sick project. very rarely do you get a bike with such a sexy tubulair frame. and its a nice meaty twin too. see the guys at www.austreetfighter.com to get ideas. $3000 is heaps providing you do lots of work yourself. i will voulenteer my time if you want, to go shopping/wreckers to get cheaper parts and put you onto budget project stuff. i cant do much work as am crippled from an accident on monday. i can walk.
  8. My mate has a great TRX streetfighter. Just high bars and a round headlight. It looks very stock until you see the tiny details everywhere. They are a great bike to put higher bars and a naked-style headlight on because they look neat and tidy down below, not lots of big dangly bits like my FZR has :shock:
  9. Hey thanks guys for your thoughts/ suggestions / offers of donations of time (even if you are doped up to your eyeballs :grin: ).
    I've decided to do both :shock: :shock: :LOL:
    I'm going to fix up the original bits to look well umm original. And I'm going to fit up some alternate plastics and make a kick arse street fighter.
    IN the words of big kev "I'm Excitied" :wink:
  10. Re: OOPS I just started a TRX project

    that is a great looking TRX. Go the streetfighter Jace :grin:
  11. but but but....
    what fairings are you keeping? hopefully not the headlight/bikini... this is the only bit that makes it look its age.. not that theres anything wrong with the look of a stock T-rex
  12. Can't believe i missed this thread, spewing you had a prang i love the look and sound of these bikes.
  13. 110% Streetfighter :)
  14. OK things are moving along slowly. Been a bit strapped for cash of late.

    I've found a double bubble screen for it.
    I've bought a belly pan and rear hugger. Hopefully gettin a rear seat cowl as well. Found the colour and scheme I want and also decided to paint/powdercoat the wheels in the VTR250 gold colour.

    Should be pimpin when it's finished. I should have it all back together in August just in time for spring. I'll put some photos up when I have something photo worthy to display.
  15. good to see the fighter is still in the pipeline...
    About those wheels... If money is no obstacle, powdercoat. You will have to strip (best is acid bath) and the De-Gas them (thats if theyre cast alloy). Alloy's (some) produce gas when heated, and since powdercoating gets the temperature up really high, they need to be baked first (not in the kitchen oven!) or the powdercoat wont adhere correctly.
    Added to the cost of this is new bearings/seals that need to be removed before the process.
    I simply gave mine a light sand, hit it with some prepsol, and used a specific "rim paint" (pressure pack cans) from repco. Not sure of the brand, but it worked a treat and the whold thing cost be about $50 for both wheels, and around 4-5 hours. I used them for about a year, couriering in the city, using all sorts of cleaners.
    Good luck.
  16. Anyone who I have spoken to who has a TRX loves it to death. They have a great frame for streetfighter, can't wait to see some pics. Good stuff, I am thinking of buying a bike later this year as a project to do up and if I can find a cheaper TRX I might look at doing the same.

    Gold wheels :shock: Pimpin' indeed my friend! Will you do the forks in gold too match?

    OK we have gold wheels, what colour will the tank etc get? If it was me a nice gun metal grey or black to set off the gold. mmmm tasty.

    Please not this though [​IMG]

    R6 seat conversion looks pretty nice. [​IMG][/url]
  17. Holy sheat at the top one matti! Ew!

    Hey Jace - good choice for wheel color ;) :cool:
  18. Post progress pics eh? Fighter all the way, it's gonna look very sexy baby YEAH!
  19. Jace I've put a few pics in the garage spot ( or what ever its called ) that might give you ideas
  20. I've always like the idea of an SZR660 fairing on the front. I've seen a few R6 tail ends doing the rounds too.

    TRX is a sexy bike, but yeah the front fairing is the main component that shows the age. Even an FZR400RR headlight in the fairing to give it that twin eye look will update it a lot, and make it much safer for high speed night runs as well ;)

    The best thing about it is that with virtually no graphics on it they're damn cheap to repaint and repair. As such I'd keep the fairing.

    In the end if I wanted naked, I would have gone a monster instead.

    Have to plan my mods out carefully... but I can see this being a very long term bike for me.

    Put lots of pics in the garage as you go for me :D