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Oops, fuel on windscreen... spots...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mr Messy, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Question from the old boy, who in a brainless moment tried to see how much fuel he had in his tank while still holding down the lever to make it flow, resulting in a small and apparently rather embarassing spray of fuel erupting all around him as it hit the lip inside the tank. Was only just up the road from home, so washed it all off quickly with water, dried the seat with some paper towel, paid and rushed home to do a proper job.

    Everything is ok, except a few splashes on the inside of the windscreen he didnt see, which have left a couple of cloudy spots on the screen, ever so slightly damaging the outer surface.

    He attacked them rather brutally with a soft cloth and then polished it with plexus. It seems as long as the polish lasts, you cant see the spots at all, so thats good - he is getting a heavier polish today.
    Does anyone have any suggestion for how to repair it longer term? Is it even possible to repair fuel damaged plastic like that?

  2. Polishing is probably the only way. It may be necessary to take a deeper cut that most polishes will manage. I'd probably try T-Cut (or whatever the local equivalent is), followed by Autosol or Brasso. Toothpaste is also quite abrasive, particularly the old fashioned ones like Euthymol. Easiest way to apply any of these would be a polishing mop in something like a Dremel if you have/can borrow one.

    Given time and effort, it should be possible to get rid of the mark. It's unlikely that the effect will be deep and polishing perspex or acrylic can seem like the nearest thing to magic that there is when that horrible scratched white surface starts to shine clear and glassy.

  3. Exactly what happened to me prior to my last Old Pac run....fuel splashed all over the bike, my helmet, face, leathers. Told Holly and Stokedpaz that I was getting light headed from all the fumes lol.
  4. Well both of you should feel better that you arent the only one to have done it then :p.
    Alright, ill let him know to just keep polishing and polishing ;). Ill even let him borrow my dremel :p.
  5. lol bunch of spaced out petrol sniffers =D>=D>.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.