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Oops, Dad, I just wrecked your car

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 5, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...fathers-ferrari/2008/05/05/1209839513969.html

    It's no fun calling dad after crashing his car - but it's worse when you've just wrecked his rare Ferrari.

    A Melbourne man had to make that call on Saturday night after destroying the front-end of his father's 'Italian Stallion' in a very costly smash near Rod Laver Arena.

    The front of the red sports car, which police said had been speeding, finished wrapped around a pole in the spectacular accident, which took place on Batman Avenue.

    The car appears to be an F360 Challenge Stradale, which are estimated to be worth between $360,000 and $400,000.

    The cars were introduced from 2003 and it is understood there are about 12 in Australia

    Television news crews filmed the apparently unhurt driver of the Ferrari ringing home, while the vehicle's male passenger was taken to hospital with minor injuries, police said.

    The Nine Network last night reported the luxury car had suffered "extensive front-end damage".
  2. You can afford to buy one, you can afford to insure/replace one.

    Could probably afford a gun to shoot your son with too....
  3. Damn .. I feel so sorry for the guy.
    Takes me back to when I had to call my Dad to tell
    him I've just dented the door on his 1961 Austin Lancer. :p
  4. Hes not ringing his dad,hes on hold to quantas to get tickets to albainia :wink:
  5. one-way tickets :LOL:.
  6. must have been close to a right off. Id hate to be him

    Hes not ringing his dad,hes on hold to quantas to get tickets to albainia

  7. oh dear.. i would not want to be him.. :shock:
  8. Kinda reminds me of Ferris Buellers day off

    Cameron: What'd I do?
    Ferris: You killed the car.
  9. nah, reminds me of TheRock.

    guy on the street: You just wrecked your Ferrari man !
    Stanley Goodspeed: Its not mine.

  10. I don't see what all the whinging is about...
    That'll Buff right out... :LOL:
  11. It will too, after it has been sent back to Maranello for repairs.
  12. Typical SORF incident.

    (Son Of Rich Father)

    Motorsport wouldn't be where it is without SORF's
  13. The real tradegy is that the Pump from 1 is out of focus...

    There would have been some awesome high fiving going on back at that station let me tell you.
  14. haha reminds me of when i rode off my dad's 4wd took me 2 months to pay off the 9g worth of damage:)
  15. hahaha kids

    reminds me when i was 17 just got my licence and dad just got his brand spankin new prado (200kms on the clock) - he told me not to drive it but if a chick calls you wanting to go out who am i to say no.... anyway some old guy runs a red light and i plough the car and its a total right off.

    Couldnt call him so got a lift home and waited. When he got home i remember his face

    Dad:'wheres the car?'
    me: oh yeah the car, had a little accident... NOT MY FAULT THOUGH
    Me: Well lets look at the good point, you get to go car shopping again.
    Dad: it is a new car!