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Oops.... Broken Bike Photos

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Alison1474, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Considering my latest act of stupidity by dropping my bike in the driveway and breaking her.... I figured there'd be lots of photos of the damage others have done (or had done by someone else).

    Post your pics here........


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  2. Is that the actual clip on bar that snapped off??
  3. ooh busted bike bits

    I got a couple of them.

    Kwaka's I love em but damn they are unlucky for me...

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  4. It was the actual handle bar, mirror, blinker and alot of scratches.

    Thanks to my better half... as of right now she's all fixed and ready for me to 'hopefully' not stuff up again. :)

  5. Ouch !!!!
  6. don't have a pic but i dumped mine off the rear stand in the shed on the weekend. snapped the side off both the nosecone and screen.
    repairing it will cost more than the repair needed to fix the spool mount to ensure it wouldn't fall off the bloody stand in the first place....
  7. Holy cow !!!! That's gotta hurt...... Take some pics though. Let us all share the ouch factor.
  8. Pffft, most of that will buff out ^^

    My effort :/

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  9. another kwaka :)

    for the record i have crashed 2 kwakas more than once as my only road bike spills.

    don't know why, kwakas have gotten me out of all kinds of stupid then when you least expect it...
  12. Oi! Luke!...what's that, mate!?... That looks nasty!...what happened Dude? :-(
  13. Few broken bones?? Hope you are ok. What happened, Luke?
  14. My effort... Snowy's ride 2010... Had a great time, rode hard all day... Then i stopped at some road work just near Tumbarumba and slipped in some gravel... It was more of a place than a drop really. It's barely noticable and nothing in comparison to some of these, but I'll still never forgive myself. Because the F is so heavy when it's full of fuel, and I'm so skinny and light weight, i had to get a mate to help me pick her up off the ground... That was the REALLY painful part lol :(

    Riding 120 odd k's home with a broken brake lever was fun :D Still didn't slow us down
  15. I highsided the R1 down Gippsland way, back in late October. Bike flipped and landed on it's tail after throwing me over the top.

    5 broken ribs and a dislocated AC. Plus some soft tissue damage. Mostly recovered now.

    Bike was a write-off.

    I have a new R1 now.
  16. My poor Hyo after I was ran over :(



  17. ^^Ouch, were you on it at the time?
  18. hyosungs always snap their handlebars clean off, every time. my bro has done this 3 times LOL. poor bloke. some nasty pics there.
    and Snow! did you stack your 2011 zx10?!? the one you got about 6-9 months ago!? the one with the "you like this" face book reference stick on it?
  19. Got hit on the cruiser by a red 'P' plater trying to overtake, uphill approaching a blind r/h corner.
    4WD came around!!
    Total repair quote,,,,$10,600!!!!
    Yes they wrote it off! New one was $11,200!!!

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