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Oops an Unsettling mistake of sorts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I have been trying to find out how far(distance) I can push a tank of fuel on this bike so I know for future reference.

    Yesterday I found out in the most unsettling way.

    Saw a rider I know further down the road on the way home from work so I opened her up a little and caught him up,next I had to make a sweeping left hand turn and FAARRRRKKK I had absolutely no acceleration and was doing approx 100km (90 zone).
    Fidling around going through the bend holding on with right hand and trying to switch to reserve whilst in the throes of the sweeping bend, woohoo I did it and she coffed and spluttered back to life.

    Dont really wish to try that one again.

    All the times I tried to empty the tank and had to refill before it happened because of distances,unknown areas ect so it has taken me a month to do
    this and it happened when I wasnt ready.

    Well I now know I got 290 km out of a full tank before hitting reserve Mission Accomplised :grin:
  2. i ran out of fuel on the South Eastern (Melbourne).

    cut out about 100meters from the off ramp, rolled to about 10 m from off ramp and pushed it to the bottom where there were lights,

    next mission was going up a 600 meter uphill climb, i tried to start the bike up again and my luck it worked up till the top of the hill (cutting out now and then), ended up pushing/rolling/cutting out and restarting to the next petrol station.

    yeah, from now on when the light comes on, i fill up no questions. But how good was it of my bike to work at jsut the right moments....
  3. Way to go damn lucky I say.

    I know the distances now and wil fill up as soon as possible when the needle hits red.
  4. Why did you need to run out to work out how far you can get to a tank?

    Fill it to the top, reset ODO, ride around till its pretty empty, fill up, note litres bought, divide km's travelled by litres bought, multiply that by the amount of litres your tank holds, voila, your magic figure.

    Speaking of magic figures. where is that Fleur??
    mmmmmmm Fleur :)
  5. Just they way this little black duck does things.I try real hard to stay away from mathmatics.

    Fill up tank,set Odo,ride till needs reserve.look at Odo, distance travelled per tank of juice ... easy heheheheh

    Now I never have to do it again,I have done this with all my vehicles,reaching limits

  6. hahahaha, bullshit Vic those of you with VTR1000's just stop at every servo you see :p
  7. Always reminds me of the Seinfled episode every time I hit reserve :p

    In my experience, the tanks never hold as much as what they say. Maybe if you leaned the bike over you might get some more.
  8. We do NOT ! Across's stop at every servo ..... we stop at every 2nd servo and get there quicker too!

    :p :LOL:
  9. how many bikes actually have a fuel gauge?

    mine only has a light, when it blinks, it meams don't push your luck, when it stays on it means your fugged!
  10. My VFR has a fuel guage with a warning light that didnt come on last weekend as the guage slowly dropped to empty :eek: . Nearly had to push I think, but got home OK , dunno about getting down to the local servo before it runs out tho.
  11. Hehehe I knew I was right "trust not the gauge ,trust not the warning light" hmm cant do that I dont have one lol
  12. *Looks in the garage*

    The Bandit 1200 K6 - Tick.
    The MotoGuzzi V11 - Tick.
    The Suzuki GSX1100G outfit - Tick.

    Actually I can't remember the last bike I owned that didn't have a fuel gauge (although some have had low fuel lights as well as gauges).
  13. *edit* Double post timeout.
  14. Whoooaahhh!

    That would have been insane - good on ya for managing to flick the switch around mid-corner. Now for the slow-mo replay... would look pretty :cool:

    It's happened to me on the sth eastern twice, was lucky to be in the left lane at the time as it's a bugger to switch mine when moving!
  15. mines got a digital fuel gauge. wooooo man, it's almost beyond 2000 material. :p
  16. haha I haven't pushed my luck that far yet!

    I was told by the previous owner that when the fuel light comes on I have another 30km left. The owners manual says 50kms. I haven't put more than 16l in once the light has come on so I would assume there is 2-3l left in it. Thats about 40-60km.
  17. The VL800 has a digital fuel gage. When the last bar starts flashing its reserve time. Never run out though.