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Ooops now I did it Again ! . . yeah, another Britney moment

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. yeah, yeah if you already not have heard, I got another riding group lost !!!

    ricecookers ride on the old road started off okay ! :p
    it was all smiles at Road Warriors . . . .


    then on the way back from Newcastle . . . . disaster struck !!

    I got her and TheYak lost on a dirt road !
    I thought . . faaark, not again when we went around a corner somewhere on the outskirts of the Watagans National Park !!! :shock:
    Images of jcorney and I at the entrance of The Summer Track 12kms out from Mitta-Mitta Victoria came flooding back !!
    Can you tell that Jakob was not happy ! hahahah ! we ended up asking a family of mountain bike riders how to get out !


    and it got worse !!!
    we got lost again somewhere north of Kulnurra !!!
    Notice it was a full moon !!
    There were cows and kangaroos running around us !!!


    oh man !!!
    never again !! . . . .and get this, I did not have my GPS with me !!
    It was freezing cold and we ended up asking a local farmer how to get out ! the dude was helpful, but deep inside i had images of the movie Wolf Creek !! :eek:

    sorry Mel !
    sorry Jakob !

    My ride leader days are to be put on hold for a while !!!

    At least we all now know the roads between Wollombi and the Central Coast ! LOL . . . . :LOL:
  2. All part of the adventure :p
  3. yeah, check this out Alex !


    i think the Bimmer is the way to go !

    I can touch the ground and it feels way more comfy than the Pegaso ! . . . goes well with the urban-terrorist riding gear hey ! :LOL:

    I think me getting lost on that dirt road was a sign ! :grin:
  4. You know, they wouldn't be a bad looking bike if they lost the toolboxes and the parrot's beak!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. An adventure it was! :LOL:

    Cheers for leading Micky... we got there in the end... and it was always an excuse for a photo and a smoke break! :LOL: :LOL:

    Old road was interesting by night...

    I found it really strange riding with the moon in my eyes as opposed to the sun!!! Never had that experience before :grin:
  6. Nice one, Britney :p

    Nah, sounds like it all worked out to be quite an adventure.... don't be too hard on yourself Micky :wink:
  7. Nice bike, also be much easier to sell than a Pegaso when you want to get a bit dirtier :wink:
  8. The thread title is even funnier due to the fact I know the contents of your mp3 player Micky.
  9. Keir !! . . . . you can't knock JT-era Britney !!!

    How many points for the Counter Strike riding gear ??? :LOL:

    And how about this . . .
    Pics of the PashaB with the best teeny lesbians Newy can offer !
    :grin: . . . they were singing - "all the things she said, all the things she said, coming to my head, coming to my head . . . ."
    All under shirt coordinated and stuff !! . . . can you tell who were the masculine of the couples ! - not that there is anything wrong with that ! :p


    . . . Eagle-eyed-Mick at his best ! :p
    It was definitely a Tatu moment times 2 !! . . . :grin:

    and no, i don't have that song on my Ipod !
    Its just a catchy tune !! :grin:

    Oh, and Mel's new upgrade ! :LOL:

  10. you wouldnt have got lost if joel was there ;)
    but oh no, you just ignored my offer to join :p :p

    nah, i worked sat/sun at the new bridge just north of milton/ulladulla and made me an extra $1800 for the week :woot:

    i would have made the trip, if i wasnt such a work-whore :oops:
  11. ooh, lemme guess, the brand new cbr50r :roll:
  12. Good fun! :grin:

    Wolf Creek...I haven't seen it but I did peek into the passengers seat to make sure he didn't have a shotty handy :LOL: I pissed myself laughing when we got to that second dead end/gravel/dirt road; it was really a continuous bout though, after a wombat warning sign, silhouetted skippies on the fields and a cow lazily grazing on the road :shock: :LOL:

    All worth it, and a top, full day of riding. Mel sure can cook rice, just needs to work on the pasta now :rofl:

    PS: Sorry about the high beam on the way back through the Old Road :oops: