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ooops...Bamm-Bamm s Boo Boo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. It was such a nice sunday, the birds were tweeting, the bike was serviced the day before and the good roads around Noojee and Walhalla were calling. After meeting up with a few Netriders we headed off to Noojee and we were having a great day, Realm, The Brick and I were having a ball until his brake lever called it quits on Icy creek Rd, so after he headed home Realm and I were setting a good pace and having some fun...it all came to an end on the Walhalla Rd.

    About 3 k's in we came to a downhill, off camber left hander with a tightening radius thrown in for good measure...anyway long story short hit some bark on the road :wink: , had nowhere to go, washed off as much speed as i could and aimed for the soft bits between the trees.

    I came down on my left hand side...trapped my knee between bike and asphalt and we went for a short slide,...then it dug in and the bike and I took some impromptu gymnastics lessons, a few somersaults, backflips and a pike with a twist and then all was quiet. After realising where the hell I was I did a quick wiggle check of fingers and toes and slowly got to my feet. Checking out the damage I ended up with a football sized knee, a pretty sore shoulder/collar bone, some missing skin from said football sized knee and a cut and some nasty bruising on my back.

    I ended up landing on my back on top of a fallen tree with my bike laying upside down on the tank against a tree to my right...with bits of massacred Blackbird all around me.

    A big thanks you to everybody who was there that day and especially to Realm, who kept me company and the Walhalla Pub, Shambles my other half..who REALLY wanted to kill me for giving her such a scare and most of all Roarin who dragged his flu ridden arse out of bed, hitched up the trailer and trailered my bike and my sorry arse home.

    After being badgered and hassled and threatened with death I finally went to Emergency...No major damage just soft tissue, lost skin, cuts and enough bruises that you would think I had an almighty kicking...although I suspect i may also have a very fine collarbone fracture...which apparently they can't do anything with anyway.

    I was a VERY lucky boy...after the trees I ended up in there was about an 8 metre drop to a rocky creek bed...bugger only 8 lives left

    Bird was absolutely rooted...I think the assessor stopped counting at 10k.

    Anyway here are some pics of the aftermath



  2. Bamm Bamm that's so sad, I hate to see dead 'Birds... :cry:

    But glad to hear you came out of that walking
  3. Nice tank-bag!
  4. *shudders* Keith! Those photos are :shock: I heard about this the other day - am glad you're alright. I did that rd for the first time the other weekend...holy crap... :shock: ... will be heading back again real soon. :wink: :grin:
  5. Man, your are lucky to walk away with what you did! Its good to hear your still with us and mobile. Sorry about the black bird! Im sure there will be a few owners feeling for you!

    Recover fast from what you have got, and hope you get back on again soon.
  6. That sucks bud! You ok at least and thats the main thing. Bikes can (and will im assuming) be replaced.

    8 lives left. Make the most of em!!
  7. :rofl:

    Shame about the crash, glad you're ok. At least now you get to go bike shopping! ;)
  8. Shite Keith I am glad that you are ok mate as bikes are replacable but people are not

    I guess you will have to decide what you want to replace the bird with just tell your insurance you just want the cash and not another bird and that makes your choice easier :wink: :grin:
  9. Maaate...

    Crap crap crap!

    Holy cow, :shock: that bike looks totally trashed. You are a lucky so and so.

    Glad you're ok mate.
  10. I know the exact corner you're talking about. It is one of the nastiest, most deceptive corners I've ever encountered. I remember entering it wide and late on the R1, and it has a fairly inviting entrance curvature, and once you're into the corner and cranked over, you discover that it just continues to decrease and decrease.

    No room to brake, it'd do no good anyway, so I kept pushing the R1 over, hanging off as far as I could, and actually grounded the footpeg which is something that I'd never done even on the racetrack (raised pegs, raised ride height, and no feelers). I don't know how the tyres held their grip as the lean angle on the bike is around 58 degrees by that time, and even with all of that I still managed to wander over the center line by about 30cm. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic at that exact moment as the lanes are exactly one 4WD width with absolutely no extra room.

    It's one of those corners that should have a massive yellow "Tightens" advisory sign above the speed advisory sign.

    As stated before - glad you're still with us and walking mate. 'twas good to see you out and about on the bike on Sunday!
  11. shit dude - I know your pain. Just glad you could hop up and walk away.

    And it sounds like the always reliable NR community once again swung into action to help out a fallen brother.

    Hope the replacement comes soon and lives much much longer
  12. when did it happen ?
  13. Sheesh!

    Thats some quality surviving you did there!

    Wishing you all the best for your recovery. Take it easy and let the insurance people do their thing.
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  15. Glad your still with us dude! Just a few battle scars on the belt and on to a new bike from insurance I hope?
  16. conversion to streetfighter.. wooooooooooo
  17. bummer about the off dood, looks like you are pretty damn lucky.
    more importantly, thanks for not using "tarmac" it made my day :grin:
  18. I'm glad you don't look as bad as the bike, Keith; I can identifiy with the pain in the collar-bone/shoulder :(.

    (How come Realm always seems to be around when you guys have crashes :?)

    And don't you just dread bark and debris in the middle of corners?

    So, what's the next machine, eh?
  19. BINGO...thats looks a hell of a lot like it :)

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys...I am putting a deposit down on a KTM Superduke this week :grin:
  20. ya goose.....welcome to the riders club now..... :wink: