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OOOORRRGH Now thats gota hurt!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by catluva, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. There I was on Sunday really getting into the bike and gears no longer a stress got a bit too relaxed then didn't I?

    Forgot that i had to get the bike back into first gear before taking off and got across the road to turn right but couldn't get up the driveway , due to the bike still being in second.....crunch it almost spat me out, and the front of the bike serged forward to kick me in the guts!

    I got out of it lightly and didn't have to test the OGGY knobs just yet ! Thank heavens for that! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Can anyone relate to once riding a scooter and swapping over to a bike? I am just used to the bike making the decisons having come from the scooter and it being automatic.....what a problem, I hope I never allow myself to relax like that again.... Lucky no one was behind me I would have been squashed like a bug!
  2. ummm you should be able to take off in second even up hill :p
  3. Prob was going to slowly / slowed down to much / not enough revvs, so it kicked forward and stalled. I assume thats what you did, unless you're talking about just dumping the clutch accidentally.

    You'll get hang of the gears, and will get into the habit soon enough.
  4. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I went from a 125cc scooter to a VRT250 last year and for the first month or so it just felt hard.

    Too big, too heavy and way too many things to think about, then one day it just kinda clicked and things like gear changes, clutch and rear brake all worked without me having to think about it - now when I jump back on the scooter it just feels weird - too small, too light and nothing to do but twist and brake :LOL:

    The VTR is a great step up - it's small and light and very forgiving, even if you take off in the wrong gear you should just be able to give it a bit and let the clutch out slowly and you'll be fine.

    Keep with it for a couple of weeks and then if you get a chance jump back on a scooter - you'll be surprised at how much safer and in control you'll feel on the bike.
  5. Don't be scared to give the bike some herbs. 250s are designed to rev and need highish revs to get into the power sweet spot. They're not like a car that can tool around at about 1000-1500rpm.

    Remember, you'll only get driven forward in proportion to your clutch engagement. You can be revving the tits off the bike, but crawl along slowly with appropriate clutch.

    SOOO don't be scared to give it herbs. :twisted:
  6. thank you happy.grl I guess is just a matter of time....But I have enjoyed the twisties through warrandyte and north ringwood in MELB its just the fact I got relaxed and forgot what i was on!

    Hey I love the way it sounds and admitedly I was scared of the engine revving at first, because the scooter I had before was so quiet.

    Aprilia 250 Scarabeo, neat scooter but I sold it to get what I've got now and at the start I had regrets but there's no way on earth I could go back! The scooter cornered like a brick compared to the VTR! I think Mainly its the acceleration out of a corner that makes twisties fun on the VTR.

    I feel way safer on a bumpy surface because I can grip with my knees, on the scooter uyou just got thrown about too much.

    I am not ready to go alone yet I like having someonewith me, just to ask questions about stuff that I could feel going on with the bike, I was gearing down too quick and had a compresion lock up that was a bit of a scare!

    I try to sit between 5 and 6k in the revv departmnet but having never driven a manual car I can only say that the auto only ever sits on about 1-1.5k in the revv dep so there's a huge difference there.

    I am really enjoying the freedom that riding has given me, its hard to be used a a taxi when you are on the bike!!!