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Oooooh YEAH!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by the_blacke, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. At long last, my angry locust has arrived!!! I'll work on some better pics tomorrow, but too excited not to post these up now :D



    And eldest daughter working on her countersteering technique ... Look right, push right, and lean...

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  2. wadda cutey :)

    the bike is wicked hot!
  3. squidding at such an early age... kids these days.

    I think all it needs is some nice big fat angry eyebrows.
    cool looking bike though, very aggressive angles
  4. Daughter is very contrite and promises it won't happen again...

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  5. :LOL:

    Great photo and nice bike too mate.
  6. that would have to be the least expected reply, thank you - im now in tears with laughter and the GF is wondering why.
  7. Nice colour, nice ride.
  8. Great looking bike you have there!
  9. #9 the_blacke, May 4, 2010
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    Just in case you didn't get a chance to appreciate the awesome looks of this bike... you can see it in greater detail [URL="]here on youtube[/URL]
  10. nice bike, i like the z's :)
  11. the_blacke,
    Nice ride mate. And seeing by your location, I'm sure it was you I nodded at whilst crossing in opposite directions at an intersection today in Eltham.
    I was the bloke on bike as pictured, urban camo pants...
    Hope you didn't get rained on too much. Was out at Sugarloaf Reservoir for a quick run, got spat on a little on the return, just prior to seeing you.
    Staying with folks in Templestowe.
  12. Lovely bike there. Always liked the look of the Zs. If they did the new Z1000 in green I would have found my next bike, cause we all know real Kawasakis are green.
  13. Best reply to a post that I've seen in a long while. Go to the top of the class.
  14. Hey Nickers! I hope I nodded back - I was a bit focused riding the new bike in the wet this afternoon so if I didn't nod back don't hold it against me!!!

    Shame it was this afternoon as I'd let the camera battery run flat. If we'd crossed paths this morning I could have plucked your picture straight from bikecam!!

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  15. Hehe, all good mate. You did indeed nod back ;)
    Your bike looks awesome in the shiny new kawa green. Pity about your battery running flat - don't have many pics of me on/beside my ride.
    Seeya out there again soon, in hopefully nicer, dry conditions.
  16. What are these things? How do you get around privacy laws if your recording strangers' number plates and faces?
  17. In short, I attach a video camera to my bike. I use it while commuting to capture footage in the event that there's an accident I've got something to draw upon to assert 'my side' of what happened. I detail my setup here.

    As for privacy law, there is in fact no law against someone taking your photograph without consent, provided it is not voyeuristic or similar. Same applies to video, though there are some restrictions in some states about recording conversations without consent.

    Summary of privacy law as it relates to photography and videography in Australia here.
  18. Nice kwaka mate (y)
  19. Interesting!

    Cheers for the links.
  20. nice.. i had one in orange. you will love it.