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Ooooo I make it.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by capodien, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Couple days ago I thought making a 5.5m U turn on my GT250R with 27 degrees wheeling angle is impossiable.

    But....But....Tonight I make it by using a different skills.

    Yes lean the bike...But...instead of saty upright/lean to the left to balance the bike I lean to the right and just let myself go with the bikethen and slightly release the rear break allowing it to speed up.

    The initial speed is really important. Start the U turn at high speed(about 18 Km/h) then I found the bike really easy to control and woun't worry about drop it any more.

    This skill might not useful for others whose bike have a bigger wheeling angle.

    However, it is a great thing for me to find out that not only I can do it but my bike can do it and it isn't a "drama" like other people said.

    I'll try to upload a video latter.
  2. edit :oops: had a shit night, sorry.

    on a second note, good job with the u-turn, keep practicing and you should be able to do a u-turn in under 4m circle i reckon :wink:
  3. English is my second language...
  4. Well done and keep up the practice. Who knows, you might even see me around, as I need to work out how my new bike handles at low speed.
  5. Well done. :)
  6. And your usage might not be perfect but there are people here for whom it's their first that are far worse. :wink:

    Congratulations - it's always a good feeling when you finally nail something that you've been stressing over for a while.
  7. look up training vids, in particular police training vids. They get big big bikes in neat little circles, by leaning over their machines untill the rails scrape, and using the clutch to feed in just enough power to prevent the bike falling...then a bit more to flick it upright.

    Takes practice, but it's one thing in SA you have to practice to get your licence....and it's a very rewarding feeling once mastered.

    Number one tip is start in a big carpark, and if things feel like they are going wrong DO NOT GRAB EITHER BRAKE, especially the front or you WILL fall.
  8. fark yeah. nice work. now go and sort that test out
  9. good stuff champ
  10. oh yes, and good work hehe *thumbs up*