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Ooooo Can't complete "most" U turn on my huysong G

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by capodien, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. I went to the P open morning today. Find it impossible to do a u turn within the box. :evil: Can anyone do 5.5M U turn on this model?

    Guess I have to rent a bike for test, otherwise I will definitely lost 5 points(8 points=fail) . Then realise there is no bike rental business in Canberra (Two found in yellow page were closed). I will ring up Stay uprihgt on Monday see how much it will cost for rent a bike for doing the test on their bike.

    P.S. Most people passed the mock test this morning.
  2. try leaning off the bike opposite you are doing the Uturn. This should keep the weight centralised, and allow you to turn in better. There is no reason why your bike cannot do this. Practice Practice Practice.
  3. $150 to rent stay upright bikes for the day
  4. Put weight on the opposite footpeg to the way you are turning the bike. Don't be afraid to lean it. Practise. It's not hard, pretty similar to a pushbike actually.
  5. It's just practice and proper technique. You need to really lean the bike hard over to the right whilst you stay upright/lean to the left to offset the weight going right - hard on the rear brake and fast idle - allowing you to lean the bike over further at low speed.

    Mark out 5.5m in a car park and practice, practice, practice. I got my GS500F well under 5m with practice.
  6. must be a hyosung problem :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  7. umm well concidering you haven't actually told anyone what model it was

    is it a gt250, a gt250r, gt650L, gt650rL, gv250 or gv650L
  8. dont they have a gt250/650S as well now? Looks a bit like Charlies bike :p
  9. E....I write GT250R in the title...But G is the only letter that comes out...

    Any way. It is a GT250R. Any GT250R owner here pass U turn on their bike?
  10. I want to exhibition park and practice again last night. A tall blonde was kissing a short guy there for a hour but they did not go futher.... :cry: :p

    Still can't do the 5.5m one but 6.1m. I found couple videos on YouTube are useful. :grin:

    I'll keep trying and practice those skills. Hopefully they are right. :?:

    P.S. Thanks who drew all the test markes. :wink:
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  12. If thats the fairing'ed version, a young bloke with the same bike had the same problem........the turning circle appears to be crap with them.

    Have also heard of others with the same drama on Hyosungs...and i'm not takin' the piss out of them, it seems to be a problem.

    I would hire the bike just for the test itself if possible ($50)

  13. I found the reason tha I can't do the U turn.
    The streeling steering angles for GT250R is only 27 degrees while for GT250 the naked one is 33.

    Any one knows any bike rental business in canberra?
  14. for insurance just borrow someones cb250 or vt. have noticed the hyos turn like a mack truck.my gpx250 was a biatch to turn in the box but the er6 can do it blind folded..
    dont look at the line. practice with two lines... one in closer, and then, when you do the test spot a mark on the ground and aim for that rather than the line.
    turn with ease, off the seat, little bit o rear brake, weight on left foot and let her lean..
    got to RTA and get license.
    go home.
    have beer.
  15. I'd take it in for warranty... obviously something wrong with it
  16. more RPM + more foot brake control + look round more

    ...Thats what I had to do to get my across in the box. They aren't the easiest to u-turn either.
  17. I got my 650 around in the box the tricky bit is keeping them running long enough to complete the test...