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oohhh I'm a scooter rider...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. just for the record, I ride a scooter, albeit for as short amount of time as possible...lol...but that aside, I have never felt descriminated against for what I ride in this forum.

    No need to respond in here. enuff said in the last post

  2. :wink: :wink:

    Eh bro, maybe you can answer this Q, maybe you cant.

    I acknowledge every motorcyclist I see on the road.

    There are two groups who hardly ever acknowledge back.
    One group being Harley riders etc., 2nd group, scooter riders

    Why do you think that is the case? & would that have any
    relevance to them getting always getting bagged?

    I find it curious as to why that is, or may be the case
  3. ok my take on it is this...

    I ride a scooter at the moment, but I'm really a motorcyclist in waiting, I wear an amoured jacket, full faced helmet & kevlar gloves, and I ride my 200 scooter like I can imagine I would ride a bike, ie leaning into corners etc

    I acknowledge every motorcyclist I pass, and 90% acknowledge back.

    I am yet to see another scooter rider wearing anything but street clothes, therefore can only assume they don't really think they are riding a bike...they don't seem to go by the code of bikers and I imagine have the same view of them as cagers.

    I've never been acknowledged by another scooter rider, in fact in my experience they come across as pretty stuck up whenever I see them on the road, mostly guys in suits or chicks wearing next to nothing, or tourists in sanadals.

    They don't ride because they "like to ride" they ride to save money on parking and gas.

    Now lets see if that stirs the pot :p
  4. i've only ridden a scooter when i was in vietnam so i can't really back the following comment

    but do you think its cause riding a scooter is more a transport thing than a satisfying/gratifying/pleasurable thing that riding a motorcycle is?

    i mean i always nod cause i'm having so much fun and when i see another rider doing the same thing the nod is just an acknowledgement saying that yeah i feel the same?
  5. definately. scooter riders (well most, as there are scooter clubs) ride to save cash. If they could take their cage for the same cost they would.
  6. Thanks for the posts guys.

    Whats the go with Chopper riders than.. They hardly every acknowledge
    as well
  7. once again i don't ride a chopper so i can't say but maybe for alot of chopper riders its more of an attitude/belonging to a group thing? i mean you can't join the bandidos and not ride can you? correct me if i'm wrong but choppers are essentially designed to look good right? with all that chrome....so chopper riders want to show it off....and rightly so cause they look cool.

    comparatively, most other bikes are designed for performance and the fun factor. and nodding is more of an acknowledgement between riders of how much fun they're having.

    i dunno, this is just a generalisation but that's my overall take on things
  8. I had/have the same take on it all as well. Its the only plausible
    explanation I've been able to come up with to date
  9. I saw a really funny sight outside the Jam factory today... this chick ... or i guess it could have been a guy :LOL:
    full gear (dririder jacket and draggins), full face helmet, on a scooter... with open toed high heels rofl
  10. Whatta pissa :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Duncank,
    I personally dont have a beef with scooter riders , i recon it is a great place to start and get the bug before getting on to a motorbike.
    To see you wear all the gear is great .................well done.
    and to see you ride for the love of riding and not only to save petrol is also a rarity too.

    the only reason i slagged aud-ick-able , is he didnt even give this place a go .
    every has a joke about what each other rides , its all apart of the game , which colours faster etc etc.

    so keep riding , keep enjoying and maybe one day you will make the leap up the ranks towards a 1000cc .

    as for aud-ick-able ...........................stay fcuked off idiot!
  12. hey I'm with you bro, the guy is a dickhead and we're best to see the back of him
  13. Youre speaking for me as well, & I dare say, for alot of others there. :wink:

    LMAO @

    "as for aud-ick-able ...........................stay f&@%* off idiot!" :LOL:
  14. Hey kishy , if your in the bronx , shouldnt you be at work and not wasting time here :wink: :LOL:
  15. :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah, not in the Bronx no mo'

    Thats just where I grew up hehe :D
  16. i think audible has "penis-envy"........i mean "motorcycle envy" :)
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    This must be the Pick-On-Audible day today :D
  18. nah , just offering aud-ick-able warm warm netrider welcome :shock: :LOL:
  19. Maybe he's just starting out, you know how it goes, these days

    from Scooter to a Honda , then you get a real bike :oops:
  20. Audible is a drop kick...its the smaller wheels you see, like an envy thing