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Ooh not another one!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 7THSIN, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. lv 13 seems so hard, but when you work it out, you'll kick yourself....

    thanks heaps, i've had a sixxer and near half a bottle and i WAS gunna go to bed.... but you know the drill :evil: :evil:
  2. Working from the finish you can see that level 13 cannot be done.
  3. Yeah thats when I posted this thread :grin:
  4. Someone twisted must have created this game.

    I can imagine all around the world people stuck on level 13, haha
  5. i finished L 13, i'm on 16 or so...
  6. erk, I'm still trying to understand Minesweeper.....
  7. And I found out yesterday from my son that there is Solitaire on the computer - was this something that came out with XP?? :shock:
  8. Surely you joke? Solitaire is what make windows windows. Most people buy windows just to play solitaire. And it has been that way since the days of windows 3.11. (or maybe even 2.0 or 1.0, but I don't go that far back).
  9. bwahahahahhaaa :LOL: i was drunk and i got to 17 before my guts told me it was bedtime or throw up time :p :p :p

    i assure you guys that 13 is ENTIRELY possible, and the next few levels are just as bad :wink: have fun, its a cracker of a game that one :grin:
  10. LvL 13 for me too. Gave up as I couldnt work it out
  11. I'm trying to boycott ebaums world. They are the suck!

    There is lots of evidence that shows they steal content and don't give credit and in some cases claim it as their own.

    check this out for some eabum flammage'
  12. The real joke is on level 21.

    It keeps changing the layout each time you bomb out. On one redraw, there were no blocks to stop the sprite in any path.


    (Level 19 is the hardest - still not quite sure how I got it).
  13. level 13 isn't impossible... the game is just a bit counter-intuitive when you try to work backwards
  14. I got L13, but I'm getting annoyed with this f*cking game.
  15. :mad: :mad: Stuck on level 19 now. Got the shits and had to turn it off!! :? :evil:

    "Breathe in......find that happy place...." :)