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Onya 4WD enthusiasts! [NSW]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bonk, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Our dirty, sneaky, cyclist-infested Roads And Traffic Authority released a new regulation proposal this month.


    Restricting the raising/lowering of a vehicle to 2 inches MAX (not just suspension, this includes tyres and rims). As well as requiring an engineering certificate for any of those height changes.

    Here is the list of experts, industry representatives, motoring groups and engineers they consulted before going ahead and drafting the regulation:
    ^As per usual.

    Anyway, over the last 2 weeks a number of 4WD clubs and enthusiasts have hammered their MP's, and the Roads Minister and got this shiteful piece of bureaucratic underhandedness postponed indefinitely.

    So there you go: a small and specialised motoring group contested government idiocy and had a win.

    Light in darkness an' all that, eh.
  2. Good work :grin:
  3. I wouldn't say they have won totally the ministers press release just says they are postponed for more time to consult. You'd be very naive to take a minister at face value. This will get reworked and some middle ground found, like installers will have to be certified and there will be some height restrictions placed on them.. they won't let this die totally it's not their style.
  4. Noticed a huge decline in areas available for 4WD & camping in general over the years. I'm not one for caravan parks & crowded camping areas!!.... and the Troopie could get into places not many other vehicles could... did the Canning Stock Route a few years ago (starting from Syd) :)

    No!!..it's not a good thing at all...it's yet another removal of a personal choice/right..... little bits get chipped away and before you know it... you have no choices.
  5. I agree, but they will also never admit defeat or allow themselves to look wrong/incompetent... they will either push their wheelbarrow full of shit to the bitter end, of deliver lip-service until we all forget about their stupid idea.

    The point is: They didn't get away with hasty and wrong legislation.
    They tried to sneak something through, and failed.

    Also, I hold great hope that the 4WD groups will be vigilant in their continued opposition to this.
    We mere motorcyclists must work and ride carefully around people we may not wish to upset.
    THESE people are retirees with caravans... a protest drive from them could plunge Sydney back into the dark ages.
  6. ..some of them are buddy!!.... but there is a HUGE following of all ages!!
  7. +1 what Tweet said.

    When I had my 4wd you would often see mixed age groups, backgrounds etc. Its good to see that the clubs put the effort in and got this stupid ruling reversed.

    The 4wd are a little like the bike clubs in that people are very helpful and they look out for one another - at least thats my experience.
  8. ..Yep!!...mine too!! :wink:
  9. ...and just to go off on another tangent..... boaties/yachties and shooters have the same sort of crap happening too!!

    It's probably about time that a conglomerate of outdoor activities groups was formed to fight all this stupidity.... because in reality it impacts them all in some small way.

    One for all and all for one!!! :wink:
  10. I can only ask, why even bother making this legislation?

    The article regards suspension modification as a major modification.

    The thing is, we have specialists dealing with suspension geometry, and a politician living behind a desk is NOT one.

    As it happens, I support the 4WD owners. Going properly offroad needs more than a petty 2 inches in raised suspension.

    However dangerous people feel they are on the roads sometimes, a difference in suspension height wont make any difference there.
  11. Plenty of kiddies who like minitrucks are up in arms about this too. Interesting that they were only going to give them two weeks to conform to the new legislation.
  12. Because of a few clowns they tried to make a ruling that would impact the majority - it was a very poorly thought out idea and they certainly didnt take the greater community into consideration.
  13. The NSW government is a terminal patient they know they are in deep trouble, so now is the time if you have a issue you want addressed to get organised and hammer your mp's, labour will jump on anything they think can gain them votes and cling to power, and likewise the liberals will do anything to get in, after the next election we are back to being screwed :mad:
  14. They say 2 inches maximum TOTAL lift!

    So if you got a 1" suspension lift, and fitted tyres of a size 2" larger, that is the limit already.

    Honestly, who's farking job is it to sit in an office and think to themselves "Who's fun can I ruin today, so it looks like I'm not a piece of shit bureaucratic parasite?" then draft new regulation proposals like this.
  15. I wonder if the outcome would have been the same if their arguments, emails etc. were made from a dirtbike offroad perspective, rather than 4wds...
  16. actual that be 2 inchs , as the 2 inch larger tires would infact only raise the axle 1 inch. The other issue is in qld you are limited by size of tyre, i think it is only a 15 % increase.

    That being said, a max of 2 inchs wont get you much further were you need better clearance.

    Some one should take a minister in a car with only 2 inchs and let them look at the issues with such a small lift, i have just over 2 inch lift done to my 4wd and so much hits the underside.
  17. Lets just face it. Politicians get a sick sexual pleasure out of paperwork and making other people follow pointless procedures.
  18. hmmm might be time to sell my 4wd, they might think im part of a bikie club, bloody rules after rules after laws, stop taking our hard earned cash of us
  19. Ahh yes, that's what I said.