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Only way to leave a new bike dealer (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. ahahahahahahahh ahahaha haha haha hah aha ha ahah ahahahahahaha hahaahahahaha haha haha ha haah ahah aha ha hahaahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahah aahahahah ah ahhaha ahhaahha hahahahahahahaha ahhahahahahahahahahaha ahahah ahahahaha haha haha ahha haha haa

    what a retarded retard.
  2. HAHAHAHA, oh man my sides hurt!!! that's is funny as shit.

    No Gloves = NO KNUCKLES LEFT!!!!
  3. What a knob...:LOL:
    Couldn't help but laugh
    $2500 excess when test riding...:LOL:
  4. WTF, the guy has on a full leather suit but no helmet or gloves. What a tool!!
  5. :applause: :LOL: :D :applause: :LOL: :D :facepalm:

    There is nothing to say that is just down right FUNNY!!!!!!!

    I was expecting to see a nice long black line left but that was SOOOOOOOOOO much better!!!!!
  6. But, did he buy the bike? If not he would have at least made a donation to the dealer....
  7. There is something ominous about riding a bike in front of a camera. If you see someone holding a camera and it's pointed at you - pray [-o< .
  8. If you run it slowly you can see his head bounce of the road :)
  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! don't you love that serious crunching plastic sound as his head bounces off the footpath and the bike slides into the kerb? you gotta love that. and why no helmet or gloves? like, he'll protect his arms and his arse but not his head? kind of retarded...
  10. well that was funny.it nearly happend to me once outside the crown
  11. My guess would be that it is a yank vid clip. No mandatory helmet laws in most of the states so knob-ends like him are common.
  12. HA HA :LOL:

    Was that technically a highside?
  13. Yup, I'd call that a high side. Loses back end, back end grips and up over the top. Perfect example to all learners (including myself). 'Here's how not to ride your bike.'
    Those pavers that he rides over are treacherous though. I've got some of those at the end of the street. It's when they're wet that's the real problem, a distinct possibility of low-siding it.
  14. He actually has a helmet, you can see it to the right of his bike before he takes off, i guess he was showing off for the video and gunned a little to hard while leaning.
  15. "I meant to do that."
  16. "Thank god that's over, now I don't have to worry about the first time I drop it."
  17. Ohhh how would you feel ! :eek:
  18. no helmet he deserved it...