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only sbs would do a doco like this

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. i was gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked!

    not because it was a doco about guys who hire hoes, but one fella and his family

    he's a young boy [25ish] who has no problem with his purchases. the problem i have is the way his family was about it.

    it seemed a little odd that he was proud an open with his family, then he came out and said 'for my first time, i chose a 40 year old woman who was an asian version of mum' [who seemed quite flattered]


    'mum' said 'm pleased he chose to do it in a 'controlled' environment rather than some slurry who could get pregnant in an ally way."

    HEY! SONNY! in case you did not notice [which he didnt] that's an insult! that's the part where you say 'what do you take me for mum? what on earth do you think i am, and how do you justify my inability to make an informed assesment on my own?'

    but instead, this guy took it as a complement :roll:

    the thing i found MOST FASCINATING about this doco was the way each gender interviewed put the opposite gender down.

    the men said things such as

    "if we didnt call woman sluuuuuts, they would probably be more forthcoming and we wouldnt have to pay for it"

    the woman said things such as

    "the men who chose to purchase do so out of insecurity, and then there's those who use the time to cry on a shoulder and that's all"

    i found it quite interesting that niether gender who are involved in the industry could speak well of the opposite sex

  2. after leaving my last job, i was the only male in a staff of 20, i don't speak highly of the opposite gender... maybe because there was only 1 or 2 you'd bother with a hire/purchase on.

    hehehe now my new job has about 12 people, and 6 girls.... and i would speak highly of 3 of them..... until i get to know them. :grin:

    i'm a sexist pig because treat 'em mean keep 'em keen is the most foolproof advice ever.

    i'm in a fairly open family where i can talk about anything... drugs, sex, crime etc.......... doesn't mean i'd hire a pro that looks like mum.

    that sh1t is so unsettling. and if i hired one that looked like mum i'd make sure i was wearing a no fat chicks t-shirt at the time. :LOL:
  3. What show is that Stump?
  4. I think you will find that will change as you get older.
  5. scottatron

    i dont remember what it was called. it was on sbs, twas australian, and inspired by a recent university study into the industry


    i can totally understand that. i was one of many woman who worked with only 1 male college and when a man is out numbered, woman turn into god knows what. myself and only 1 other woman was above that kind of behavior. it's the same when it's the other way around. all men 1 woman. ive heard some pretty awful things about what happens to woman in the ambulance bays.

    cheers :cool:
  6. Ewwwww....now that's just wrong [​IMG]
  7. bluesuade wrote

    damn straight it's wrong!

    that family is just fct up! i wouldnt be surprised if they are the inspiration for the next sbs doco

    "screwed up think they're normal" tonight, on sbs
  8. Why is anyone surprised by ANYTHING screened on SBS? Just remember, peoples, it's your taxes paying for it!!!
  9. paul,

    it's the only good thing i get out of my tax dollars and the only tax money well spent!

    did you know they won the 'best channel in the world' award?

    it's a good kind of surprizing, and i like surprizes!

    cheers :cool:
  10. What scares me even more about the sound of that family is what may have been left on the editing room floor...

    Son: For my first time, I chose someone who looked like an Asian version of my mum
    Mum: I was so pleased
    <SBS edit>
    Son: Yeah but mum turned out to be much better
  11. :LOL: @ bluesuade
  12. Paul, if people spent their time watching SBS and not A Current Affair or Today Tonight, we'd have a very different culture!

    The doco, which I came to after it had started, was called something like 'the men who pay for it' or 'aussie men who pay for it'.

    That 25 year old guy disturbed me. Am I being judgemental?: He was morally retarded; completely self-absorbed (in a friendly pathetic way), living in a 15 year old fantasy-land as the depth of his thought (his group-sex fanatasies, the spirit informing his aspiration to be a singer and to pick up at the kareoke). NB the builder who asked some questions that I as I watched was asking, and yet were particularly honest for somebody commited to the act: that perhaps it cheapens sex and one's sense of another? D Stump, you hit the nail on the head re how the genders spoke of one another.

    I worry if I'm not simply conservative, but I damn well like and very strongly desire sex and sexual play, no less I think than the next guy, but I'd be celibate rather than go to a prostitute. I sometimes wonder about it, in all honesty, almost intrigued, but while I've absolutely nothing a against a romp in the grass with a pretty stranger (I'm monogamous by the way), and even find a beauty and innocent humour in it, I find it repuslive to reduce it to a financial transaction. I don't think the response, "Yeh, but do want you wanna do, be what you wanna be, yeh!" really cuts it!
  13. YAY!!! someone else saw it ^^^^ :grin:

    you hit the nail on the head with that one matt


    that's a very honnest last paragraph matt. the transaction is a turn off for sure. people justify it tho. there was a doco about woman who paid for it and it have a very different spin indeed!

    woman [who were hard working professionals with no time for *(*] saw it as getting a pro themselves. they said that those men actually know how to please a woman and that can be hard to find. also, in order to climax, a woman must be able to shut off her mind and that's not always easy. when they paid for it they found they had the right to enjoy themselves.

    i couldnt do it either

    cheers :cool:
  14. If people would think for themselves instead of taking at face value what they see and hear then this world would be a different place!! :roll:
  15. Which is fine if you're a fool!
  16. New Rule:

    When posting a thread referring to a television show you have just seen, post the full name of the show, what channel it aired on, the date & time it aired, and a brief blurb on what it was about [either written by yourself or copy pasted from an online TV guide].

    ... or I'll just post silly pictures coz I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

  17. +1. Tuesday nights - SBS heaven. Jenny Brockie takes on the world on Insight (that's 7.30-8.30 for you 2loo) followed by 'Why Democracy?' the most astounding piece of documentary-making in a long time (why democracy). Did anyone see the 'Iron Ladies of Liberia' episode of WD? :shock: absolutely awesome. i have a new hero :applause: :applause:
  18. Everybody should be made to watch that episode, it's an awesome demonstration of what humanity can achieve once you get the venal egotistical f&ckwits out of the picture. I have no problem with my taxes going to SBS when I see important stuff like this, but then I'm not a right-wing dinosaur (ok, well maybe a dinosaur, but not right-wing, ok, well maybe a tiny bit right of centre, but not much.)

  19. IMO climax isnt so much about sexual stuf for a girl its about love & trust & knowing the other person wants to make u happy and that u are making them happy in that moment.

    I dont get how paying for a stranger to do it would possibly work.. :roll:
  20. kaitlyn wrote

    IMO, a woman just needs to be able to shut her mind off completely because thats the only state it will happen in. even when you're thinking of and talking about something completely unrelated it can still happen and the brain with still shut down moments before.

    keep your pic-nics and wedding bells, i will do the john howard bonnet style any day :LOL: .........but i wont pay for it