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Only One - Ducati - Looking for Advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Aussie Pete, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. For as long as I can remember I've told my better half that one day I'll get a Ducati. It's been a long long time but given my car lease is coming up I thought I'd renew on the same car and of course the huge cost diff means I can afford the Ducati!

    Went looking but the bike I've always eyed off was a 998 Testastretta and it seems none are up for sale as I type. Not knowng the finite details of every model I now hear there's 100 variants (or whatever) of the 996/998 shape.

    And I know sweet nothing about them except they give me a trouser tent pole when I hear one and the right one looks good enough to lick clean (umm, after disinfecting of course).

    So, a while back last year at Melbourne Ducati they had a yellow 998. It had the five spoke wheels, 998 Testastetta stickers on the fairings and it was a sweet looking machine. That's what I like but now I see some of the new shape bikes are coming into my price lmit of $25k (I have to allow at least $2k for riding gear because I've been an offroader up to now, and maybe $1500 for insurance since I'm heading on late 30s).

    Appreciate any help, advice, leads to good bikes, and maybe even a link to a specific Ducati site/forum???

    Also, how long will I have my licence for? ;-)
  2. :grin: Can't help with that one.

    Nor the other but good luck in finding your dream bike.

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  4. docnsw have a website and a forum; Ducati Enthusiasts of Australia, I believe.
    That may be a starting point for you.
    Some of the dealers have links to bikesales.com.au
    From recollection there was a 998FE going in Gippsland may be Sale a couple of months back.

  5. www.ducati.ms is a US based site, but they are generally very helpful. With such a massive rider pool to suck information from, I've learnt lots from this site. Also use your local Ducati Owners Club.

    Nice to see someone has taste right from the word go!!! :wink:

    Good luck with your hunt!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Another option is to approach the dealers and let them know what you're looking for. They often have their finger on the pulse.
  7. Hey Pete,

    Not sure what style you're looking at, but if I had the cash I'd be buying this model.

    It looks horn!
  8. Now i love my bike, but yes that is a horny looking jigger.
  9. I've always loved the 748's. Came this close || to getting one, I bought the SP1 instead.

    The monster is a nice bike, but I reckon the Yamaha MT01 is just so much sexier.

    Or, if you dont mind the oil leaks, there is always This doozie
  10. If I was a pillion passenger, I'd be scared to ride on this! If one doesn't get 3rd degree burns from the exhaust, there's always the danger on falling off the end of the short seat...
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  12. Okay, I'm biased but I prefer the older 748/916/996/998 shape. I have ridden the new 749 and it didn't make me smile, it did everything very well but was a bit lacking in character and plus I don't feel that I could just sit and gaze at it the way I do with our bikes. My 748 makes me laugh! The 998 to buy is either a 998S, a better Testastretta engine than the plain 998 and featured better engine cases - sandcast. Or alternatively a 998S FE if you can get one, the FE is virtually the same as a Bayliss Rep or alternatively a 996R from 2001, or 2002? can't remember, also featured the Testastretta engine and the very lovely full Ohlins suspension. Neither of the 2002 model 998 or 998S had this. The 998S FE was a direct order from the factory, although several dealers over-ordered and there were a few spare. The one in Sale appears to be have been snapped up. A good FE will still set you back a good $32,000 to $34,000 and a 998S from 2002 still holds its value - there weren't that many bought in. The plain old 998 - still a lovely bike can be got for less. Its a patience game and I would wait - you have waited this long. However North Coast V Twins has a 998 Matrix for sale http://www.v-twins.com.au/usedbikes.php?action=fullnews&id=36. Otherwise just contact a few dealers as has been suggested and put your name down - alternatively if you feel that you want performance but can live with the older style four valve engine then buy a 748R from 2001 the one with the full Ohlins suspension (you can feel the difference from Showa - trust me) - they do come up for sale and bang for bucks - this is the bike!

    To do a bit of research visit http://www.ducati.com/bikes/service/archive.jhtml?family=service&node=archive for all the specs for the various years. I hope this helps. When you find the bike try Shannons for a quote - they are very helpful. As for how long you have your licence - thats up to you!
  13. Them prices for a bike is a Rip off.. :shock:
  14. It certainly pays to do your research in terms of market values. Given time something will come your way.
  15. Thanks so far. 748 Girl appreciate the balanced view. I had a look at pics etc of a 748R on one of the sites - it's in Canberra. But I'd always be thinking how I prefer the five spoke wheels and would never be happy. There's a 998S FE for sale in QLD but they're just past my budget and in Melbourne the bike would only be ridden maybe 1/3 of the year - too much money to tie up.

    Everytime I look at the new models I somehow don't get the same reaction as the 998S type bikes. Dunno why. Maybe it's why some older cars create emotion where better-later models don't despite being better.

    I've put my name down for a 998 at my usual bike dealer (Zagame) who I'd love to get a bike off. They've been superb since I started shopping there about two years ago (so far only KTM and Vespa - gotta love the Vespa!!!)