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Only on the Oxley

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Oldmaid, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Many NR folk have burned their chicken strips and their souls on the Oxley. This road can be heaven and hell personified. Not only do the weather gods mock you with sunshine on one lot of corners but a few km ahead, you will be pulling over and chucking more layers on or even pulling your winter gauntlets back on in a hurry.
    The view is ever changing from picturesque vistas of prime grazing pastures and clumps of forest, to slate outcrops that occasionally disgorge soccer-ball sized boulders down in your direction, to those wonderful s corners that lead you up to remnant rainforest canopies with cooling moist air, then up across an almost tundra-like area, heavily wooded stands of eucalypts and finally you are spat out onto the long wind-swept undulating plains down to Walcha.
    Post up some of your Oxley favs here to share and entice others to try the Oxley.
    So to get the ball rolling here are some happy snaps from some of the many rides I have done up the Oxley on Wasabi. My next ride will likely be on the new steed. How lucky am I to break in some new fatty tyres AND an engine on this road.
    Some nice twistys up to Long Flat to whet your appetite for what's ahead. I love clunking over this bridge just before Long Flat.

    Then onto Long Flat proper
    IMG_1161.JPG Then a few good flats for blatting a bit then a few twistys onto Ellenborough
    Then it is just too much fun riding to be arsed to stop and take photos- you just have to believe me when I say it is truly beautiful and a well worth the travel.
    Then a funny little place at Ginger's Creek- good for a wee and I have had a noice cuppa tea and scones with jam and cream here ( I confess more than once :shy: )

    Then onwards and upwards, ever spiralling through the cooling rain forest type area. Then an almost Braidwood type plateau or tundra that must cop some serious snow and is cold even in summer.
    Then a lovely ride back down then...whammo...land speed record time on the flats into Walcha (Wasabi must have a speed limiter called my arse methinks, as I just cannot get beyond $1.60- won't I need the sards on the new bike that I am told will crack $2.00 easily sheeeet!)
    IMG_1169.JPG IMG_1168.JPG

    So post your Oxley bragging shots guys and gals.
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  2. Trying to make me jealous OldmaidOldmaid?

    It's working.......
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  3. Well you Vic folk have the Nongs AND the GOR AND Mornington AND the Bonangs AND Daylesford etc that you all photo tease we northerners with, like a yanking a fishing lure at a hungry bream ;)
    Seemed only fair but my photos are unfortunately like something taken for LJ Hooker for the local rag.I use my idiot phone with one glove off and poked through my helmet and held between my teeth. I can't bring my self to stop for too long on that road.
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  4. Amongst my friends and acquaintances, there are a hard core of folk who occasionally organise rides up to "Do the Oxley".

    To give you a feel for their "style", one mate, who went up on his R1, came back home and immediately went shopping for (and bought) a Hayabusa, 'cos the R1 wasn't fast enough. <sigh>

    Another of the "regulars", who had been riding a BMW S1000RR, also bought a Hayabusa, for the same reason.
    (He did keep the BMW too.)

    Since I know, and like you, Oldmaid, I'll try and send you a warning when they next plan an Oxley ride.

    BTW, so what and when is the new bike?
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  5. If OldmaidOldmaid ever decides to give up her day job, spruiking motorcycle tourism would be a good alternative. Your enthusiasm is infectious, Oldmaid. The Oxley Highway figures highly among great Australian motorcycling roads and you've given it a description worthy of putting it at the top of my 'to-do' list.
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  6. #6 plaidler, Nov 20, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
    20150206_093420. 20150206_091421. 20150206_091434. 20150206_091511. love the place cant wait to go back
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  7. Great writeup Maid! I've not riden Waterfall way on a bike, but given how fun it was in the car, you should do the Oxley and loop around on Waterfall way. After that I'm not usre if their is any inland road through the mountains to return home. You could go the long way down some of the roads along the "heads" eg. scott head, Grassy head, Hat head and crescent head?
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  8. plaidlerplaidler nice! That area at the bottom where there is that sweeping right hander heading up to Ginger's threw me the first time because people moved over to the road to watch the riders sweep up the hill.
    Ummm I think they may have resumed normal programming pretty quickly when I pottled around...not like some riders who have the full racing kit on and the knee down which was what they were hoping to witness. Ha too bad. I was grinning and having fun anyway so not caring :D
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  9. Hardcore good or hardcore 'bros?

    Seems odd a fella like youself CrazyCamCrazyCam would fall in with straight-line heroes - so I assume these guys can ride 'hangmore' style.
    If that's the case and said R1 'bro needed a Busa and is of the hangmore sort then more power to him.
    But yeah, more than an R1? No one "needs" that.
  10. i did the oxley at the end of a 4000k ride in Feb this year after doing brown mountain, bonang hwy, great ocean road, the grampians, then newell hwy to walcha, oxley-port maq then ho,me to punchbowl over 3 weeks.
    I just got approval from work today for 4 weeks off in jan/feb and am planning another massive trip again but havnt quite figured out where yet.
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  11. Be aware that if you do it from Sydney in a day and head east to west you will be staring into the setting sun for the last few hours. Not so pleasant end of one hell of a fantastic run
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  12. After my Tassie Tour OldmaidOldmaid I'd be keen for another big trip and I think somewhere that takes in your popular bike roads will be on the cards. Also hoping you're able to head down here sometime and be treated to some of our best on your new steed :playful:
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  13. Hey Ned- my fat arse=fat digits sorry about sending wrong signal out on the ether :sick:
    First lot of nom noms and coffees are on me at Ginger's Creek :)
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  14. Here's one from last year. Good memories. wurlitzer 2014 113.
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  15. Do you have a stupid rule (as we do in Mexico) saying that you are not permitted to cross a solid line?
  16. oh yeah, same, I wouldn't let that stop me if it was safe to cross.
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  17. Nice! New steed? What new steed? No need to be coy now OM....

    Unless you're downgrading to a scoot... :wtf:
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  18. Looks like a GT Sports Classic Ducati. I thought that out of the 3 models they made it was the least interesting to me, probably the most comfortable,the other 2 had pretty extreme sports riding position. But I saw one recently for the first time in a while and it really was some eye candy.I used to ride with to 2 Gt Bevels back in the day. One was unique, SS Bevel fairing with a crazy pink and purple swirls paint job.Had Ian Gowanloch scratching his head over that.Dave was fast till he encountered a farm tracker on a blind bend coming back from The first Island GP,smashed him and the GT up bad.They both came back but not as nice as before.
  19. That entrance into Gingers can be quite an exhilarating stop when you come up into it from Port a bit hot! The bottom entrance does creep up on you as you bank that right hander ;)
    Nearly scattered the lizard men, drinking their lattes, like marbles one time.
    Gotta watch hitting the rear brake a tad hard on gravel.
    Bad naughty Oldmaid

    but gee it is fun watching the lizard men shit'emselves when a P plater does it and their horror when a fat old thing like me waddles off to get her jam and cream scones, espesh with that silly cockatoo going troppo squarking in the background :D
  20. I suspect we all pull up at similar points,well worth taking the long way for the Oxley,just be aware that a fair bit of it doesn't leave much room for error.
    Great scenery I suspect, never really get a chance to check out the blurry green bits on the side.
    There's something about being leaned right over in a bend you can't see the end of and a sign shows up in the f'n middle of the bend 'Loose gravel on Road Ahead' really helps you concentrate.Ends fatigue in a big way for a short amount of time.
    From 2011.

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