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ONLY...on a postie !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Just got out of La Porchetta coffee night, thought I'd take the shortcut around the shopping center (the other way has a longish hill at the start, long...for the custard-kneed CT anyway), got comfy with feet on top of the crashbars (juuust keeping the knees below the handlebars) back leaned against the Ventura rack and still caught the green light while cranking it deftly into the little side-street at the back of the complex.

    The local hot-rod club must've had a night out, people everywhere, 100's of 'em, nicely modded Model-Ts and Dodge's lining the sides, people hanging off the balustrade of the upper carpark....and here's me on the postie....baffled as a HUGE cheer went up, guys with cameras jumped onto the street pointing the Nikons Pete-ward. Applause, whistles...didn't know what the hell is was about, but shit...it felt GOOOOD.

    Kept the feet up on the crash-bars, let go of the grips and spread the arms as far as they'd go....like Rossi on the cool-down lap.
    A couple of beeps of the horn... the turnoff to the right coming up fast...well...sort of. A last camera flash as I'm keeling it to the right, totally forgetting about the raised-pavement bit at the entrance.
    With 30mm of filled-nappy-goo suspension-travel at best, a 100mm raised pavement and about 50 on the clock things turned mightily uncomfortable, brought the feet off the crashbars in a flash, frontend (where IS the frontend on those things??) flapping, legs flailing....we finished up on the footpath a bees dick short of the fence of the water-filtration place.
    Thanks god for NO cameras here...
    A couple of kids hanging out of a car-window giving me the thumbs up, another one of those and a wide handlebar-moustached grin as an XR8 ute decides to watch the show and giving way, coming to a stop (his right of way) as I fly through another roundabout, taking the slightly stepped inside-pavement standing on the pegs, one hand out as a thank-you, some oldies on their evening walk doing the double-take on a postie at THAT hour?? Followed by a smile and wave.....NONE of it would've happened if I'd been on anything else but the postie.
    Christ...those things are FUN, waaaaay more fun than 70kmh top-gear redline possibly could be, eh?

    Will keep an eye on the local advertising rag.... perhaps one of the "triumphant-postie" shots might make it through editing....

    FUN ??? YOU BETCHA !!
  2. :LOL: Good stuff :LOL:
  3. It's all in a day's work for your Postie...
  4. ah Pete - you're a classic - wish we'd been there to see it :grin:
  5. You hoon :LOL: Nice work.
  6. Pete, you can always be relied upon to make the ordinary sound like such huge fun....... :grin:
  7. The spice of life on 2 wheels....whatever the cc's... :grin: :grin:
  8. In a few years time, when Michelle leave you at the front door of the old folks home, ring the doorbell and run (after she's taken off with all your bikes), your going to have a warning applied to your back for the nurse that dishes out the wheelchairs - please ensure tyres are always flat, no 'mods' are allowed to his chair, and any circular circuits are kept sectioned off, for you be heed, he's a menace!!!

    Hahahah :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  9. hehehe
    i think i know what kind of job i want to do soon lol
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Nice work :grin:

    Strap on a camera next time :!:
  11. Where they usually hang the saline/ painkiller solutions...mine will have the NOS bottle....and Mountain Hwy will be re-named to Medical Raceways....and you'll still have to watch your arse :LOL: :LOL:
    That curse will NEVER leave you !! :p :p
    Just get used to it...
  12. You, sir, are a clown. :)
  13. :grin: Classic! You're not the abbotsford postie are you? Ours is evil kneival, does jumps off the gutter and then wheelies it up to the lights! Funny as hell :grin:
  14. good work man.. id love to get my hands on a couple of postie bikes.. one i want to make into a chopper.. the other i want to run a small shot of nitrous through just for the hell of it.. see how it holds up to that.
  15. I was walking back from the shops tonight, see a postie bike hurtling up the street, guy has both legs out at 90 degree angles to the bike, he's wearing shorts and an anorak and it's pissin down rain! Open face helmet too...jeez it looked funny.