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Only on a bike - serendipitious meeting!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. I had one of those, only on a bike experiences on Saturday.

    Heading towards the map shop on Keilor rd Essendon, I'm stopped at lights, sitting 2nd in the queue - when this dude on an '01 9R splits up to me at a high rate of knots - stops with a flurry, looks at me, cracks this huge grin and says of my bike, "Great bike mate!".

    So we get to chatting about how great Kwaka's are, then I notice that he has what looks like a tank bag [<--EDITED WORD] strapped to his pillion seat, but it's in the shape of a helmet... its a spare helmet "pillion seat bag". I've never seen one of these things... what an idea! Beats occy straps or hanging the helmet on the side. You could probably use an empty bag for small pieces of luggage too.

    What a ripper.

    "Where did you get that?" I yelled.

    The grin got even bigger, "I make 'em!"

    "Where can I get one!????"

    "Follow me!"

    So I end up following this mad man on a quick wild jaunt through some of essendon's back streets. With a silent thanks, we arrive safely at his joint and the bike brotherhood fires up in full flame. Enthusiastic would be understated description about this guy. :!:

    He's a helluva nice mad biking nut and all things biking too. He's an industrial designer and makes and designs leathers, jackets, tank bras, bags and other bike related things. Currently towards the end of his studies. Of note, he designed the super bike school's leathers... amongst other things.

    Anyways, George is his name. I told him about netriders, so it probably wont be long before he makes a splash in here...

    I've ordered one of these helmet bags... I'll let you know what it's like.

    Only on a bike hey? :)

  2. Rob, I have had those moments and I fully agree with " only on a bike!!"
  3. You both get married and live happily ever after :rofl:

    Seriously though, as long as the other person is on a bike you know there's something to talk about unlike the cages avoiding eye contact for fear of road rage :LOL:
  4. HI robsalvv
    how much are the
    helmet bags ?
    does he have a web site to see pictures ect
  5. Robsalvv, I'm with revilo on this one, any way of getting in touch with this guy? does he advertise anywhere?

    For sure only on a bike :grin:
  6. that's awesome! how many $$$, and do you have a contact number if he doesn't come online here?
  7. Already have one of these. Good place to store the spare helmet AND jacket. Only problem is mine causes a pain in the kidney area when I go above the speed limit.

    Initally a low-cost item, but maintence costs are becoming ruinous.
  8. My mate got a similar bag with his Doohan Replica Helmet (one of the original ones, not the cheap dodgy copies Arai sell now). But its a backpack. It's surprisingly comfy to ride with and the helmet (inside the bag) doesn't move around at all. Pretty much the same as riding with a normal backpack.
  9. A bag that you can put your helmet in?......Genius!!! :)
  10. Nil - I'm can't envisage what you're describing? Why would the kidneys get a walloping?? Maybe I missed the pun??... unless the pillion was inside the bag with the spare helmet... you're kidneys shouldn't be getting jabbed! :p

    I've got contact details at home. I think I'll let George know about the level of interest - a few more signing on might bring the cost down... I said I was happy to pay up to $100 bucks. It's all hand made stuff. Good quality leather with a stiff neoprene based etc,

    Keep ya's posted. Ciao for now.
  11. Rob, the problem is the size of my pillion seat bag. She is 5'1".
  12. ROFLMAO @ Nil. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I thought it was something like that.
  13. Wow!!

    What a great idea, I am sure I'd be interested in one of these as well. Tank bag can be a pain at times and only just fits a helment.

    Keep us posted Robsalvv :)
  14. lol cool story..

    i just use a cargo net for a spare helmet carrier (dont like it hanging off theside of the bike)

    I also ave a Oxford tail pack, which can expand to fit a helmet etc in there (one of the best things i bought for the bike) and has lasted for years, and speed tested to in excess of 280km/h ;)
  15. stranger danger...

  16. any news on your bag rob? i'm keen to see the finished product, as are a few other guys i believe.
  17. ...no news yet... George did tell me that I should be patient!

    I've let him know that there's quite a bit of interest so you can be sure I'll get back on the thread as soon as I have info and/or a product.