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Only just made it to work ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nazeriss, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Riding to work the other morning in the rain so being a bit careful as you do. Rode to the city to my first job a 4wd tried to cut into my lane from the side not seeing me I beeped my horn and made it past :wink: no worries you'd think it'd end there for one day - wrong!

    Went to first job then riding from city to Artarmon coming down Pacific Hwy approaching an amber light but I'm too far away to get through it so start slowing down hit the rear brake - at this point I lose all traction on the rear it slides out left then as I'm trying to save it she goes right almost sideways ( I don't know how she didn't hit the floor) but I get her back to center my feet dragging on the ground searching for some traction and trying to balance her - finally stopped - upright - sweating like a pig - heart pumping - looked around for the angel that should've been there saying nice one :wink: and then giving me an appropriate cuddle to calm me down.

    Finally made it to work (at about 30 k's an hour) to find a hole in my rear where a nail had been- phew at least I know the cause - but I still cant quite shake the feeling of the rear sliding out from me when I ride - but I'll get over it in time ... right?
  2. .. if you live long enough!!!

    Sounds like an eventful day, glad you survived it :).
  3. :shock:
    Please dont tell us this is a typical day :LOL:
    Glad you made it back unscaved
  4. Thankfully it was anything but a typical day! nothing like what I experienced has ever happened before and hopefully not anytime soon!
    Tyre is plugged and running near perfection as is the rest of my baby at the moment and I intend to keep her upright!!
  5. was the tyre up at the time off the slide?

    i think there is a 99.999999999999999999% chance that you applied way too much rear brake while the front brake was applied, completely unloading the rear wheelie thus looking it up on a wet greasy sydney road,

    depending on the camber of said road will dictate which way the rear will slide out, unless at the time you are not completely upright, then the rear will slide outwards, only takes the smallest amount off lean angle to fudge things up

    so unless the tyre was actually deflated the nail had nothing to do with the slide

    glad you kept it upright though :grin:
  6. Not sure on that one cause I had been going pretty easy on the rear as I just put new pads in so I don't think I went too hard on it as I was very aware of my braking at the time it happened. The rear was quite deflated though not totally flat but I think that had a lot to do with it as I could not ride my bike normally the rest of the way to work as the rear was fish tailing a bit most of the way ( hence I was going so slowly ). But I don't dismiss anything you could very well be right and the rear may have locked, hard to say for sure though.
    And yeah I was on a slight lean angle at the time so guess thats why she went outwards.
  7. was your reaction the same as the cat in the display picture? :p
  8. I ride down the pacific highway everyday into the city from Nrth Turramurra and in the wet combined with the sleepy moring drivers it is suicidal watch out for the bumps through turns and the oil patches in the centre of the lanes
  9. I recommend you spend some time on a quiet road or carpark area practicing locking up your back wheel. It's bloody easy to do, and you don't want to shit yourself (like you just did) if it happens on the road.

    Do it from slow speeds to start with, and move up towards 50-60kmh. As long as your front wheel retains traction, it's not all that dangerous. Practice braking to the point of a slide, then backing off and bringing it back up to the point just below a slide.

    Also, if you're doing a quick stop or an emergency stop, for god's sake learn to use the front brake. It's the only one that will do any proper stopping for you. There's another thing to practice - hard braking on the front brake.

    Then combine the two, using 80% front brake with a 20% touch of rear, and there's your maximum stopping power.
  10. lol yeah I prob looked pretty similar to the cat! :LOL:
  11. lol rear tyre punctures are so fun. cant say my ass end slid around as much as yours tho :p