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Only in the Vic police force

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. :shock:

    Also the lasy paragraph! :roll:

    Cop in 'tranny hooker sex' relationships


  2. You're kidding! There is corruption in the police force? I can't believe it! :shock:

  3. Only in the Vic Police force? :LOL: :LOL:

    In pretty much every major Police force in the world you would find some type of corruption I reckon.
  4. Here comes another pp conspiracy theory, but this time he is on the money.
  5. Rog, are you sure? Does an isolated muck raking report of a copper taking liberties proove a conspiracy...

    I'm still waiting to see proof that the deep sea internet cable thing was a plot/conspiracy as intimated by PP.
  6. i'm taking liberties, Rob, as bluddie usual.
  7. You sir are a knight of the highest order in saying multiple things with few words. :grin:
  8. *perversion
  9. So what your saying is, if i dress up as a tranny I'll be let off any traffic infringements. Cool :cool:
  10. True, but you will need to brush up on your oral sex techniques.
  11. How many Vic Coppers are there? Thousands? You are always going to get a few bad apples in that number of people. The Defence Force is the same. We have blokes who somehow break into an old lady's house in Vanuatu and end up knocking her down accidentally and killing her. Doesn't mean the rest of the Defence Force is bad.

    The main thing is that there needs to be a system in place to ensure that when the bad apples come acropper(or acopper!) like this that they are detected, investigated and prosecuted appropriately. Liek the bloke in Vanuatu. As long as this happens within the Police Force I don't see how we can ask much more of them.

  12. :LOL:

    If you consider telling them to get f*cked as oral sex, then I'm good. :wink:
  13. This is appalling case of moral decay.

    There used to be a time when transsexual prostitutes had standards :LOL:.
  14. That won't do, chef. Remember that being a copper is the only job, where you can commence your shift hungry, horny, broke and sober, but 8 hours later, all of those needs have been attended to.
  15. I once used to have a regular band gig in the early 90's at this fairly disreputable nightclub in Melbourne owned by an recently 'exed' copper. Man, the stories I'd hear from him...and he had been sacked when he was discovered parked in a divvy van on a public oval having sex with a female officer whilst on duty...which I believe was the last straw in a series of events.

    Anyway, he must be related to the copper in question as he had no taste either...he'd take anything willing into this dingy little room behind the stage - trannies included...for his late night entertainment *shudder* what a shocker he was...
  16. Misleading / poorly interpreted language was used in the report to the press over that incident. While previous outages were from boat anchors and the like, what happened with the last outage is it WAS TAKEN OFFLINE due to power issues on-shore. There was no break.

    Still definitely material for conspiracy theorists though.
  17. You guys crack me up.
  18. Just like a couple of idiot riders doesn't mean all riders are on a death wish.
  19. :rofl: :rofl: