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only good thing a ducati is good for?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. so, i'm watching my fav show and am at the point of the program, where the owners, who have more money than sense, take the host through their mcmansion and i says to myself: "NO fcuking way?!"

  2. yer, I thought the same thing and I agree with the host - its beauty is preserved in its use.
  3. bloody hell some people must just have ridiculous amounts of money
  4. I can't stand that show*, it's full of a whole lot of cheap people with too much money and no taste, determined to ruin the beautiful countryside with obnoxious and egotistical houses.

    And there the host is trying to make rhyme and reason of it. :roll: :LOL:

    *Grand Designs With Kevin McCloud, Channel 4 UK
  5. Isn't it sad that a person can see more value in a Ducati as an objet d'art than as a machine to be ridden and enjoyed?
  6. We're all different
  7. And that's what you do if you have more money than god. Maybe he has one he rides as well? I don't see why any rich person would do that unless they are Ducati enthusiasts.
  8. if you watched the episode, the owner said he was thinking of taking it down, only to replace it with another motorbike on the wall
  9. I can see it being a nice piece of art, but it'd be better parked on a pedestal in my lounge room! :LOL: Much easier to ride it that way !
  10. He clearly used to ride before his wife gave him an ultimatum.

    I am interested in the show due to some of the quirky building methods and things like that, but I agree that it is bloody frustrating watching people with too much money decide that they should be site supervisor as opposed to someone who is actually in the industry ("because we wanted a special bond with the house"), then get all hot and bothered when everything goes to shit.
  11. IIRC it was his body that gave him the ultimatum (not his wife). In the course of the filming he underwent a double hip replacement and a quadruple bypass after a heart attack. I doubt he would be riding it any time soon (if at all).
    Having done a couple of (very basic) house renos, I am fascinated by this show. The clients are often excruciating, but it makes for great viewing when they inevitably have to confront the realities of building rather than the fantasy they have imagined.
  12. My wife watches the show. What gets on my tits is my easy the rich bastards think it is getting a building done on time and on budget, and how the host gets all moist about techniques that have been around for years...
  13. since when is a ducati art? :shock:

    *waits for attack from Ducati faithful
  14. Am I the only other one that hangs their bike on the wall when they get home?

    Seriously though, on another episode they had a guy do a similar thing, just inside his front door from memory, but he had two others in his shed!