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Only gone and bl**dy dun it, ain't I......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomo201070, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. It was a bl**dy scorching hot day, Wednesday 21 Feb, down here in sunny Victoria. Six of us had turned up to take our licence test at MTA in Dandenong. :eek:hno:

    We'd all been riding since having passed our L's so we should have been OK, I found out that I still had a lot to learn :newb: and didn't, funnily enough, already know everything!!

    Michael was our instructor for the day, and he was brilliant :applause: .....nuff said!!

    We started at about 9:15, stopped for lunch at 11:50, took our tests just before 14:00 and all passed. :woot:

    I took the L plate off the back of the bike, wrote a pithy remark about MTA being great, signed and dated it and then stuck it on their canteen wall.

    Now I only have 12 months to wait to be able to get the big crusier and take the little lady away for glorious weekends of debauchery!! :bannanabutt:
  2. Congrats mate! I should pull my finger out and get back down to MTA to do my P's soon. Exactly what did you have to do and how long did the actual test part take?
  3. I did the 6 hour course as outlined on their website:


    and once we had finished that, it was then a case of being well prepared for the test, which is also outlined on their website:


    Michael, the instructor and assesor, was great and showed a lot of patience, especially considering the heat!!

    Get going DRMAT and get yourself booked in.... you'll only have to wait 12 months then for a bigger and/or better bike!!
  4. Yeah we had Michael the day my bri in law and i did our learners.... in freezing gale force winds and pouring rain coming in sideways! He was very good.

    So all it is is two exercises: going around a corner at correct speed (didn't we do that in Learners?) and a quick stop or swerve exercise? No u turns or anything?

    How many passes of each one did you have to complete?
  5. 'grats, Tomo :grin:

    Which cruiser do you think you'll end up with?
  6. Fantastic work, congrats!
  7. Congrats, now the real learning starts.
  8. hey guys - I went to look at the website and you guys don't do U-Turns or cone weaves and road riding???

    man I'm freaked out about my course lol

  9. Was the counter steering and emergency stop test has the machine with three lights positioned up the end of the course?
  10. Congrats on getting your licence =D

    MTA are great. I did the full learners and full licence tests there. Friendly, knowledgable, and very helpful staff. I picked up some smart tips from them, which have saved by butt on a few occasions.

    My licence test was memorable for the weather also. It was cold and drizzling, almost showering, for the whole time. Didn't do to well on the long corner, but scored top marks for the swerv and braking test, which amazed me considering the conditions. But yeah, I recommend MTA to anyone.
  11. Congrats, Tomo! Instructors for Ls and Licence days sure need to be good to get some of us up to snuff :LOL:

    The count down begins...
  12. Nope - not in VIC.

    The test is a timed left curve a timed right curve and then 4 passes through a timing box and react to the lights infront of you, 1 left countersteer, 1 right countersteer and 2 emergency stops.
  13. MTA
    The Best

    i have told and sent more than 30 mates there since june 2005

    Mike Rocks :grin:
    and he's not too bad on the eye either Gal's

    shame he is married with a new baby

    where was Richo ?
  14. i did mine at HART and they are fantastic too... Tullamarine locations suits Westies and Northern Suburbs wanna be riders alot better.