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Only for those who have crashed without full gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Please *only* answer this if you have been in a crash (and that doesn't include dropping the bike on the lawn because the ground was too soft for the stand) while not wearing full gear. I'm not asking for guesses about what someone might do. I want to know what the people with the real experience actually do and intend to do.

  2. Hehe, I knew this was coming.

    Had a few prangs on the bitumen off a pushy at speeds from bugger-all to one corker at about 50km/hr. Full leathers still dont seem like a viable option.

    Had more prangs on the motorised version, but been wearing full leathers each time. And yeah, I squid it from time to time.
  3. ;) It wasn't particularly directed at scoring points in our discussion in the other thread - more that I realised my own understanding of the situation was purely anecdotal evidence from people I've talked to. I know these polls are not that much more scientific, but I've been surprised by the results of polls like this before, so if my gut feeling and what I've heard are wrong I'd like to know that.
  4. why didn't you post a option in the rest of us......

    i like voting in polls that don't concern me :LOL:
  5. I'm not sure what the general consensus is either. From the big deal that most people seem to make out of minor crashes here on Netrider, it might be a real epiphany moment for some, not sure.
  6. Only problem with this survey is it probably leaves out a fair few number of riders who've crashed without gear - specifically those no longer able to ride.
  7. I've crashed in just denims, but what was your question again?
    How much did it hurt? a fair bit
    Would i ride without gear again? only if I had an overriding reason
    Has it changed my opinions? no, normally full gear before that accident anyhow
    Was it a bad one? nope, low speed corner lowside.
  8. ^^^

    I agree with Hotcam. Except my crash was a 70km/h...ish highside. And no denim jacket for me, I was cutout of my nice red t-shirt

    There's no weather where I'm not more comfortable in good gear so why not?

    But if I lost my jacket, It wouldn't stop me riding till I got a new one.

    Only thing that's really changed, I would never ride in anger again while squidding. I ride in anger less in general.
  9. I voted yes.

    Come off roadbike without gloves/boots, and a dirt-bike in a T-shirt & jeans.
    -Wouldn't/hasn't stopped me doing either again.

    BUT: I didn't have any major injuries, broken bones or anything. Just gravel rash, which was sore, but is a relatively quick healer in the grand scheme of things.
  10. What's "full gear?" There's levels and levels, from shorts and t-shirt, to jacket, gloves and pants, to armour, to back protectors, to full leathers, to little suits that blow up air bags around your neck when you stack.

    If I'd worn a back protector, my arse wouldn't have been broken on the spur in Jan.

    That said, if I saw a bloke wearing full leathers for a trip down the shops, I'd probably think they were a bit odd.

    This poll blows dog.
  11. Meh, everyone's a cocking statistician. ;)

    Don't analyse everything down to the last molecule... all I want to do is get a sense of whether, in very broad general terms, people who have sustained injuries because they didn't gear up have changed their ways. Pretty simple really.
  12. I went down in half gear (jacket and gloves), and I've ridden with much less than that since, and will continue to do so. My Draggin's and A* SMX4s are comfy, but not outside on a full day shoot.
  13. Bravus,

    were netriders... of course were stubborn. I voted yes, having said that I squid far less often.
  14. I've crashed with all the gear minus pants (just normal jeans). Would i do it again? It's possible. Ideally I'd be wearing draggins at the least but couldn't afford any at the time.

    Quite simply the way i see it is that all it is all a graded risk; you might not wear a back protector down to the shops, but if you have one you'll sure as hell wear it on a sunday ride or are going any decent distance. Every time you get on the bike you will compare a number of factors particularly risk level, protection, weather, and comfort.

    Another example could be the kind of boots you would wear: you might opt to not wear full on race boots as you are going to be walking a distance and therefore choose to wear more comfortable but less protective boots. The same argument could be applied to leather jackets/gloves compared to their textile or mesh equivalents. Myself, I trust leather far more than what I percieve my comfort gain to be by wearing textile/mesh gear... that said, it is not as if i wear leather pants (though a pair for dedicated rides would not be unwelcome) :p
  15. Both of my accidents (the serious bounce of the ignore the stop sign car at 80kph and the not so serious lose the front on gravel at 50kph one) happened when I was wearing helmet, jacket, boots, gloves and jeans (not draggins).

    I prefer leather pants or draggins, but sometimes it's a bit hot for them.

    I occasionally ride around town without a jacket but I always wear gloves and a helmet.

    It's been my experience that the first thing that hits the ground is my hands.
  16. i came off my 250 ages ago in the wet at a slippery round about, was doing maybe 30 or 40. I had jacket, gloves helmet, but just normal jeans, came off slid for a bit, ripped up jeans cut legs etc etc but that was inexperice that got me then!

    i will still ride same setup! but if its raining, take the car instead!
  17. I came off once from my bike with helmet,jacket, normal jeans and runners. It's only a small off as I had a 1cm scrach on my left leg and a $2 coin size bruse on my right knee.. When I came off the bike I did land in soft soil face first and just stoppped dead. I got up with a mouth full of soil....
  18. I like the fact you're doing a bit of investigating into something you've made some presumptions about, and no doubt other people have as well.
    So i'll play.
    I've pranged without full, and I've pranged with full gear. The preference is full gear everytime. And not prang everytime time after that.
    When i see vids and pics of riders getting a bit of roadrash i squirm.
    Having said that i still do it, in this order.
    Round to the shops.
    Helmet, always. w/gloves, jacket most times. not always.
    To work.
    Helmet, gloves, jacket, lace up steel capped boots everytime.
    Going out.
    Sometimes jeans, sometimes Draggins.
    Helmet, gloves, full leathers, boots. Sometimes back protector, depends which jacket i take.
    Trackday, same as twisties.

    I don't wear shorts, but will wear a singlet (non-corona :p) if i'm going around the corner. Tried runners once cos i was in a hurry and had them on, but i kept missing gears.

  19. Been hit by a car in work clothes - long sleeve shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and work pants.

    Still here, still got all my arms and legs.

    Gear is good - and I never ride without helmet and gloves on the road... but I've had worse injuries in full gear than wearing bugger all so far. It's more about the accident itself than the gear.
  20. Since a lowside in March '06, I've riden twice with only jeans, but even prior to that, I always wore a jacket..leather/dririder.