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Only been a year, but coming back!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr Messy, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Sup all, long time no see :).
    47000 unread posts damn, someone been busy!

    Anyway - I have found myself on a new job in Sydney, about to move to somewhere vaguely affordable in 4-6 weeks... and hell if i can stand driving the cage around this place (paying tolls is a seperate issue)! I can use the train, but its a pretty fair hike from the nearest station to my new gig, let alone wherever we end up living to the nearest station there. I could use the exercise though...

    So it brings me to asking the question that needs to be asked since I never had a bike as a commuter...:
    Sydney. Need to be able to filter effectively. Narrow streets are a thing, but I am also patient so dont need to squeeze into every gap that presents itself - though would still prefer to filter past as much stupid as i can. 6' tall overweight guy, need at least a little bit of oomph.

    Any suggestions?!?!!?

    Since my lower back is what put me off my Sprint ST 1050 early to mid last year, I ideally need something upright and loungechairish while still maneuverable. I have been eyeing off a hornet (more toward 900 than 600, but either would be enough) just for a cheap cheerful commuter. I also eyed off a VT750C, but im not sure on the length of it and how useful itll be between the lanes, and i really dont know about polishing all the chrome on a cruiser.....

    Checked a few out on cycle-ergo (glad to see thats still running!), but open to ideas.

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  2. Cb400 is a wicked commuter. But if you're 6' and overweight maybe hornet is better. And probably cheaper to buy, actually.
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  3. Some sort of Honda CB. Good for city, good for you! :happy:

  4. gday Mr MessyMr Messy welcome back! if your back is bad and you're a big dude maybe you should consider going naked, MT07/09 etc

    a 900 hornet would be a great option though but don't tell hornethornet I said that, he might think I'm a fanboy :eek:
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  5. I'd agree, a big naked is ideal, but the 900 Hornet has been out of production for a long while now and you might want something with more recent specs....
  6. How about the last of the Kwaka W800s for that retro feel. Kawasaki will stop making these as they can not pass the new European emission laws. Although I admit they are a little heavy for a commuter.

    Kawasaki Motors Australia - 2015 W800 SE Black Edition

    A Suzuki SV650 perhaps. Much lighter and an upright position.
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  7. yep
    should get your eyes checked every few years
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  8. Triumph xrx 800
  9. You're an idiot, UG!!!!!!!! :LOL:
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  10. BMW F800 ST is an excellent all weather commuter. Clip on panniers just big enough for a pair of shoes, lunch box and a few other odds and ends and a carry handle on the top. Belt drive is maintenance free.
    Handlebar risers are an easy fit if that's what you want. Uses hardly any fuel. Service intervals are 10,000 km. Weighs not much more than 200 kg.
    Only minus for commuting is 1st gear is a bit tall.
  11. Big motard.
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  12. Welcome back dude, been quite a while.

    As above, you need a basly motard.
    Get a Nuda 900R.
  13. Or you could buy my KTM 990 SMT :)
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  14. I've been very happy with my DR650 as a commuter in Sydney traffic. Light, nimble, easy to filter (though be careful of the mirrors), the only set back is the stock tank only gets you about 200km before you start to get towards the reserve tank zone.

    Edit: Heaps of extras you can get for it and can easily stiffen up the suspension if you are bigger/stockier than the average Joe.
  15. Welcome back messy, lower back issue might not suit too much of an upright stance, tends to transfer all the shock into the lower spine. With a similar issue I found the CB400 a very good compromise so maybe something a bit bigger with a 10-15 degree forward lean might suit you.
  16. As McsennaMcsenna said, think about the posture with a bad back. I found a cruiser to be a cause of lower back pain, which is why I went for the adv-tourer type. Taking more weight on your feet and thighs rather than your bum may help. But it will depend on what is causing your pain. Cruisers can be deceptively wide and don't normally have a good turning circle.

    I would look at something other than the VT750C.
  17. #17 Mr Messy, Jun 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
    Cheers guys! The feedback is good. Yeah aiming 10-15 degrees for the reasons mentioned - spine doesnt need to be a shockie!
    My sprint after mods was closer to 35 - bit much for me :p.

    Let you know how i get on!

    Edit: Hmm, how 'bout a CB600F?
  18. !

    Edit: Hmm, how 'bout a CB600F?[/QUOTE]
  19. CBF is a real disease :sour:! Suffer it far too often! :p
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