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Only a rider knows.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chicken78, May 19, 2012.

  1. Wasnt going to be beaten by a cage; Motorcyclist don't quit...ever


    If you died 3 times after a horrific motorcycle accident, would you want to ever ride again? Well according to 52-year-old Gary Brennan, there is no question in his mind—the answer is YES. Brennan suffered a head on collision with a car while riding his Ducati Hypermotard and was confirmed dead at the scene of the accident. Yet paramedics didn’t give up on the 52-year-old grandfather and they continued to resuscitate him. His heart stopped two more times while in the hospital, and surgeons and doctors said that he had some of the worst injuries they had ever seen. He had a major brain bleed, fractured spine in 3 places, collapsed lung, two broken shoulder blades, a broken pelvis, crushed kidney, torn liver, and a variety of other broken bones. He was in a coma for 6 weeks and has required 38 operations since his horrific motorcycle accident.

    Yet in spite of all his death-defying injuries, Gary Brennan has vowed to get back on his bike after he recovers completely. Most of the world will never understand that type of passion—yet many motorcyclists who ride do. If you love motorcycling completely, then you understand the need to get back on your bike—no matter what happens. This passion for riding is what drives many disabled motorcyclists to have their bikes customized to accommodate for their disability. Special handlebars, pedals, side wheels, and seating can help injured motorcyclists like Gary Brennan get back to doing what they love—riding.

    Miraculously, most of Gary’s injuries have healed completely, even though the motorcycle accident has left him with chronic pain. As soon as his right leg is healed, he will attempt to get back on his bike. Without the amazing medical support he received initially following his accident, Gary would not be here today. In fact, it is a miracle that he survived at all.
  2. typical duc rider.
    has to wait for his leg to heal before getting back on his bike.
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  3. My mate got booked by the cops for having his left leg tied up to the handle bars.

    His reply, I cant ride with the plaster cast unless I tie it up like That,

    Full cast on left leg, result of going over the top of a car, Both legs went through the passenger side window, braking both his legs, 9 months in Hospital.

    He just wanted to ride,
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  4. LOL too funny
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  5. Um, ... I wish I could remember a search string or something, because I wouldn't know where to start looking... About a year ago, I saw some footage on youtube, which tugged the heartstrings big-time.

    [edit] There's a good chance I found it on this site, actually...

    Australian story. Young woman gets with a new man. They go out to dinner a couple of times, sleep together, then they have a bike accident. She ends up in a wheelchair. He stands by her. Two years later, he and his mates build a bike with retractable training wheels that she can ride. She's never ridden before, and takes her first ride solo on a motorcycle, as a paraplegic. They also get married. Footage of that as well. Powerful, emotional footage. Wish I could pull up a link to it.

    Deadman, I got some very peculiar looks at the riding school, the day I turned up on the bike, in a cast, with crutches in the backpack. LOL. I'll ride when I damn-well think I can and should. It's not the job of any other person to tell me when I can and can't ride. ... I did only do it once, to prove a point.
  6. I don't know. Many individual pursuits arouse similar feelings to what riding does. Particularly surfing, snow sports and skydiving. I certainly wouldn't be fool enough to distinguish one as more elite than the rest. I've seen some very smart people do some rather silly things for a few days at the snow.
  7. Selena and Stewy, KN,

    Selena was a rider before her accident, Went under a truck on the spur,

    They have been together for quite a few years,

    They are a shiny example of what can be done if you put your mind to it,

    The hardest bit for them is the Victorian Govt, Vic Roads, not supporting their efforts to get Selena riding again on her own bike,

    Its all in here some where, The full story,

  8. Where's Johnno?
    His threads in here somewhere.
    Miraculous recovery (still) and back on 2 wheels. The guy nearly died.
    Now he just runs out of fuel!