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online tyre purchase

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by phil01, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. So where is the best prices in the world for
    Tyres ?? ( delivered to door )

    Well stick to earth maybe
  2. China. Though their tyres are shit.
  3. jake wilson tyres
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  4. Impressed
    65 deliv for two tyres
  5. Thanx blabbs
    Ur so helpful )
  6. If they're really cheap I'd ask them to provide the date of manufacture anything over 5 years of shelf life may be off due to storage etc
  7. Its a huge on line shop,should be no problamo
  8. You do have to be careful with importing tyres though. Although they may be the same brand/model the rubber compound used can still be different if they're intended to be sold in a different climate (ie those designed for colder weather won't last long in an Australian summer).
  9. Off ?
    Really - there not made of milk ?

    Fair enuf not my area of expertise
    Ill run with that
  10. Anything for a Blabbite mate.
  11. So's sport bike track gear, when asked the manufacture date they beat around the bush and didn't give me it
  12. Weather - there USA
    Date as per blabbs i recon they move a tyre or
    Two - all over the world.
  13. 60 bucks a pair delivered-how does that compare to local shop ?
  14. To do with how they're stored
  15. Which has very different weather to here - especially when you consider how many millions of people live in cities where winter temps drop below -10.

    I know car tyres over there certainly vary based on region, but have no idea if this extends to motorcycle tyres as well.
  16. I wouldn't say fraud more so missing stuff out:)
  17. As I said,do your homework-I just reckon we get ripped off on tyres,more so than all the other stuff we get ripped off on.