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Online Torque

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by EndoSurf, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Thanks to some twat dropping oil at southern loop and causing me to crash I'm in the market for a new fairing...

    Has anyone used Online Torque? Some nice looking fairings they have, and nice and cheap too.


    If anyone knows of a good Suzuki wrecker in melbourne, pref eastern suburbs that would help too... Smashed my Right side air duct up nice too (k1 gsxr 750)

  2. You silly duffer.
  3. Wish i could say the crash was my fault, but when someone drops oil on a race track and you hit it.... *sigh*
  4. not bad mate, yourself?
  5. What a bugger, purposefully dropping oil! Who'd have thought you'd damage your bike on a track.....
  6. Back to the original question.

    Has anyone bought an online torque fairing? What were your thoughts on the product if you did?
  7. $585 for a full fairing kit actually sold from within Australia?

    Unless it turns up farked and cracked from shipping, I imagine your only issue might be how it fits.
    If you have a dremel and are prepared to fashion the odd custom bracket, I'd say you'll probably be ok and come out well in front of genuine fairings.
  8. My day was wonderful thanks for asking, how was yours