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Online stores

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by brayo, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. does anyone knoe of any other online stores?

    i'm tying to kit out my new ride and i my local brick and motar stores are pretty much useless.

    the only online stores i have found are


    thanks in advance
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  3. What kind of stuff do you want to buy? Bling bits/parts? try www.ausfr.com.au, roadrocket.com.au
  4. Who are ausfr.com.au?
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  6. Not bad, some interesting stuff on there.
  7. i have no idea what i want to buy, just really like looking atm to see what is out there as its all new to me
  8. You'd be hard pressed finding places that provide accessories for a VTR250,
    hence why you havent had luck to date.

    Previous posters are trying to be help you out, but unfortunately you will
    most likely find the links given will be useless to you & your bike.

    They are only giving you links to sites they use, & they all have different &
    bigger bikes to what you have.

    Those sellers cater for the bigger sporty bikes because thats where the
    money is.

    When you have time check a forum specify to your bike. You'd have much
    luck getting info relevant to your needs.

    Why'd you waste ya money even if/when you do find em anyway?


    How bout working out what youre after before asking others for help? Hammer3.

    Ya dill. :LOL:
  9. a quick google found some interesting stuff on flea bay...
    ...some forums etc... :)
  10. Hey brayo,

    I know there's no picture for the VTR250 crash knobs on this site yet but I know all the crash knobs will have pics on there soon.


    NB: They are all ozynob crash knobs on this site...
  11. Cheers for the link dude.

    Those $5 value caps look tempting.. icon_e_biggrin.

    & the rego tubes are alot cheaper than RRP or other online shops.


    Product range looks pretty limited tho.
  13. I see Mods are deleting my posts again with No explanation ,time to ring Vic me thinks

    the thread i put up with their relocation information was
  14. No0 need to ring me.
    This mob is one that insisted that we give them free advertising. Now I insist that they get no exposure at all other than through the correct channels

  15. Ahhhhhhhhh thanks Vic
  16. Yay Vic. Make the bludgers pay full price.
  17. I don't mind businesses being plugged here and there but be fcuked If they are going to dictate to me whether I charge them or not for advertising.