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Online resources for learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gobbledegeek, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Other than the VicRoads Victorian Rider Handbook and these esteemed forums, are there anymore online resources that might aid a newcomer pass the L test and improve beyond?

    I have loads of kids on holiday to look after and it's impossible to browse the local library or bookshops with them in tow. I have my L permit test on Thursday and having read through the Rider Handbook, I can't help feel that it's just not enough.

  2. For the L's they just teach you how to ride a motorcycle, its not hard to pass.

    Ever driven a manual? what about riding a bicycle? well just mix the skills of those together, add 140 kg and your set.

    Don't worry you don't feel the motorcycles weight when you ride.
  3. for the L's they try and stress you out to see how you go under pressure,
    but the training is good so stay loose. its all at 20k.

    there's lots of stuff here


    but it might just confuse you before the L's.
  4. Pick up a copy of Keith Code's twist of the wrist II.

    If you're stingy like me and don't want to buy it, pm me.
  5. To answer your Q, in order to complete your L's, you only have to read the
    Handbook over & over until you know everthing thats in there & you will get
    100% in ya test.

    Nothing more. Nothing less. Its that easy.

    The matarial provided in the Handbook is what your entire L's is based on.

    Having said that, anything else you come across as provided by previous
    authors can & will only be to your advantage. :wink:
  6. Wait what? are we talking the test on the computers or the riding the bike part?
  7. Any online resources that will help with the written test and the practical. I was told that there was a written in the morning before the bike part. I have never ridden and can't quite believe that I will turn up on the day take a seemingly simple written test, ride about all day and be deemed fit to be let loose on the public highways.

    From what I've read here, I guess many new riders have similar anxieties and following their test spend time mastering the basics in car parks and quiet cul-de-sacs.

    I desperately want to pass but as intelligent as I am (and modest too), I do have an issue with exams and nerves. I took my A level Art/Art History (UK qualification normally taken at 17/18yo) 2 years early, threw up and fainted before the written and have choked ever since including Uni.

    I read that it's supposed to be easy but I would like to prepare as fully as I can. I passed my manual driving test after 7 lessons so the riding portion doesn't worry me so much as I reckon I'll pick it up pretty quickly but I would still prefer to be reasonably well informed by the time I sit on my bike for the day.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
  9. This Thursday coming!
  10. Good luck then!! You'll be fine. :)
  11. What happened to your previous post?

    Thanks btw.
  12. [​IMG]

    You were too quick for me DG. I was actually re-doing it incl more in the post
    but I saw you had answered it in the meantime. :grin:

    Time to turn off NR now!. Gotta go to garage for smoke then head off to bed.
    I'm up by 7.

    Ahhh no sweat @ all. [​IMG] We'll Talk soon.
  13. Coming soon.....................

  14. Yeah, You'll be it fine, As for this written test, You can go to the rta website and do the motorcycle demo test over and over, which will take you through every question that you could get on the actual test, Its what i did.
  15. yup that's what i've been doing!! the true test will be today!! L's test at 3:30!! wish me luck :shock:
  16. Not sure that this was the answer he was after, don't that book would help you pass your L's really.
  17. Thanks. Do you mean this one?

  18. don't forget if you find a question confusing you can ask them to clarify it for you. this is handy as some are a bit ambiguous!