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Online Purchasing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Hi All,
    As I will be getting my licence, and hopefully a bike, at the end of the month I figure that now would be the best time for some gear. This is what I am looking at.

    HJC CS10 Helmet
    DriRider Aspen Jacket
    DriRider Assen Gloves

    Still trying to decide on pants and boots.

    Would these be suitable for daily commuting?

    I am thinking about purchasing these through www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au. Has anyone had any experience or have opinions about purchasing online through this company?

  2. Biggest issue would be getting the right size.

    As for security, it's pretty much ok these days.
  3. The Australian on-line shops are OK in my experience, but I wouldn't buy things that you have to WEAR without trying them on...

    Just my opinion....
  4. i am a big fan of the online world but i like to buy as much as possible from the stores in my community [in this case, the bike shops]. i like to keep jobs and money in my community and also develop relationships with them.
    a friend who recently had a off managed to get some help from the local bike shop that we go to all the time. also managed to get a pair of gloves replaced after they fell apart after 6 months. i like to think its partly at least due to the relationship we have built. you cannot do that with an online store.
    while its not always a good solution [costs wise etc] to patronise the local shops, i try to as much as possible.
    anyways, that just what i think.
  5. No way i'd by a helmet without trying on everything in the store. Helmets are items that there are 300 different models, but only 2 which fit your head. You're going to spend alot of time inside that bucket, so you want it to be comfortable.
  6. Good point on the helmet. You must try on helmets. As for the cs10 my wife has that helmet which is a fairly good basic helmet. Go for a pair of draggin jeans first up i reckon and make sure you get a decent pair of boots. Infact if i were you i would go to quite a few shops and try on everything. We all like different styles and when its first up purchases you really need comfort as well as protection. Once you know whats what you can purchase online i guess..

  7. Goodonya ! I congratulate you on your "ethics" :applause: :applause:

    I've found the local bike shops I go to are not that much more expensive than the online shops, (once you add postage) but the range can be severely lacking. That's just economics, smaller market, less choice.

    I think I've got a decent relationship with my "usual" 2 bike shops, and when I needed a clutch lever in a hurry, and borrow two 10mm spanners to fit it, they were great, couldn't do that on the internet.

    Having said that, if they don't have what I want, I'll get it thru the net, and have had no problems at all with those I've dealt with.

    But yeah, not helmets, they need to be carefully chosen, and worn for more than a coupla minutes to really see if its comfortable.

  8. I'm glad shopping online has gone well for you guys, but I've had a couple of very shonky dealings. The first was with an online printer ink supplier, took literally months to arrive, the owner ignored every single one of my emails (4 or 5 over a couple of months) and a couple of the ink cartidges arrived with broken retainer clips. I ate the loss and didn't bother sending them back.

    Second is one I'm dealing with at the moment, with Advance Audio and Electrical. I ordered on the 26th of September and was told at checkout that it would be a week or so before I got the item. I got an email a couple of weeks ago apologising for the delay and saying the item has been dispatched. It hasn't, and the owner has ignored every email since the start (3 of them). I'm giving this guy until the end of the week (I told him Wednesday) to either contact me or have my item to me before I call my credit card company and report him and try to reclaim my money.

    The majority of my online transactions have been fine, all the ones with major online places have been great, but I won't deal with a small online retailer again.

  9. I'll go one better... my local shop did not stock the model of boots I wanted... the other shop up the road where the service is shocking did.. so I went back to my local told them what has happened... next day they had the boots!! and $20 cheaper!!

    Buy local...
  10. Update: After posting this I cracked the poo's and went back to their website looking for a phone number (wanted to give someone a bit of a what-for) and found another email address. 2 minutes after sending my email (polite but firm) I got an email from the other partner (boss?) apologising profusely and offering a full refund and saying he would personally post my item tomorrow express post (and saying that he'd kick the other guys arse). I declined the refund as I just want a fair deal, but I can't ask for more than that. No longer pissed off customer :)

    Edit: Update 2: James has gone ahead and refunded my card anyway, saying that it's a matter of princlple for him as a business owner. You don't expect service like that these days...

  11. Theres a business on e-bay called SCRAPPE-EFFECTS . If your into that type of thing , they are great to deal with :wink: :wink: .
    I would try to keep things local as well . I do alot of buying from the bike shop up the road . I prefer the face to face sale.
  12. who else is good to deal with out there? I am looking to get some Draggin Jeans, some sort of racing leather (Joe Rocket GPX). I know my sizes. Just want to find a good and cheap place to order from.

    Any suggestions?