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Online purchase report - the Good and the Bad...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. I thought it would this be a good place for netriders to give a review of purchasing stuff online, i.e. ease of transaction, postage time, gear bought matching what they thought they'd get etc...good and bad....post ahead

    Good purchase: I'm in sydney and bought some really good shift kevlar jeans for $79 ( postage free ) from Peter Stevens in Melbourne. I rang em and they were super helpful, informed me that had my size, colour etc....directed me to online purchase....goods arrived next day! very happy with this purchase...
    why buy from melbourne if in sydney? you'd be lucky to get kevlar jeans for twice that here in our very expensive best city in australia....

  2. I just bought everything online from Peter Stevens yesterday. I'll let you know how I go on the service. I ordered it late yesterday so I wasn't expecting much. So hopefully it will arrive monday or tuesday.
  3. just an update on my goods. They arrived about an hour ago after ordering it on friday afternoon. very good service. Nothing wrong with the gear.
  4. What's the current thoughts on buying helmets (new) from the states? Many of them seem way cheaper than here. Am I missing something?
  5. Illegal in Australia as 99% of them wont have an Australian Standards sticker on them.

    On topic.

    I recently bought some gear from Moto Deluxe in Melbourne. Placed the order 9am Monday, had the goods 9:30am Tuesday.
  6. Yes, it's called an Australian Standards sticker.
  7. On the helmets note, what about visors? The visor that came with my helmet has an "australian standard" clear sticker in one corner.

    Edit: to stay on topic, I've ordered a pair of gloves from MCAS yesterday. They shipped them today, so I'll post a quick review when I get them.
  8. Bought some pants off Revzilla a few weeks back. Wasn't too bad, about my only peeves were the whole having to spend $300 before they'll ship internationally and the process of having to do an order, submit for a postage quote, wait a day or two, get the quote then order.

    Neither of which are biggies really.

    I've ordered some cheek pads through a Sydney store, when they arrive I'll leave some feedback.
  9. It's been said elsewhere, but Kreiga.

    Man those guys are good at customer service.

    Launch Helmet cams, also great service and helpful.

    And adventure cams.
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    Kinda forgot about this thread.

    I received my gloves the day after they shipped the gloves.

    Gloves came in perfect condition. They cost me around $40 more than the US online shops excluing deliveries, so I'm guessing they'd cost about the same all up.

    I've also asked quite a lot of questions before making the purchase. They've been pleasant to deal with and they've also answered all my questions.

    So yeah, competitive prices, fast delivery and good customer service. Thumbs up for mcas :)
  11. Yeah same, bought Kriega and they were excellent. Also bought from Action, MCAS, Bike Biz and Syd City. All excellent, except once with Bike Biz they had advertised a slip in AStars back protector. I ordered it, it never arrived after about two wks, then after a couple of email enquiries a sales girl said they had put the goods on too early and they hadn't received the stock. After that she did keep me informed of progress, but was a hassle.
  12. pro-bolt Australia are good
  13. I had a couple of bad experiences with sportbiketrackgear. Ordered a jacket and then it turned out they did not have it in stock and could not actually get the one I wanted as it was obsolete. Similar experience with some knox armour they had on a 'close out'. Again no stock and obsolete. But they didn't get back to me about it for weeks until I chased it up. In the second case they charged me. I did get the money back when I asked for it, but it was a hassle. Maybe they thought I just go for the newer more expensive version? Anyhow, not good.

    Excellent experience with getting the jacket from an Australian distributor- motorcycleracegear.com.au

    Of course it was more expensive to get it locally, but the good service made up for it.
  14. I have bought loads of stuff from sportbiketrackgear.com in USA and would recommend it to anyone.
    Saved loads of money and if your buying a bunch of stuff and email them they'll give you a further discount. If you want your stuff in a hurry i would avoid using there postage with USPS as it took about 5-6 weeks to arrive.
    Second order I used there free US del and sent it to Bongous.com to forward the mail, they go through fedex or something and i got my gear in less then 2 weeks (but be careful what u send this way the price can jump, espicially if you dont know the weight).

    Yes you get lots of things way cheaper from overseas, including helmets, such as the Arai Corsair. If you want a cheaper track helm or dont mind risking a cop spotting that sticker missing off your top of the line Arai helm then thats where i'd buy mine from
  15. :-k....
  16. waited about 3 months for a jacket from Revzilla once.
    selling items on their website they don't actually have.

    riders discount ftw
    fc-moto ditto
  17. Bought from Revzilla and Kriega recently.

    Both of them were excellent - fast service, items packaged really well.

    Slightly off-topic, but have dealt with MCAS ( Auburn store ) and Helmet Warehouse ( Yagoona ) in-store, they were also excellent.
  18. Another positive for Kriega, I ordered a bag online about 11am on Tuesday and it was delivered to my door by 8am the next day. Unbelievable service and great product too. Highly recommended
  19. Ordered a Dainese Alien Leather Jacket from bimoto.be

    5 stars. I WILL be purchasing from them again.

    Absolutely amazing customer service. They were always very helpful and very friendly in emails and replied super fast. When I bought it though I was a bit freaked because for whatever reason, the tracking number given only ever gave me the status from the first day. I was a bit worried that it had been lost and I inquired about it, but by the time they talked to the shipping company about it, my jacket had arrived! Only took about 2 weeks (they told me 5-7 working days I think?), but I was expecting 4-6 weeks based on what I'd heard from ordering stuff from overseas.

    Saved myself hundreds of dollars on a single item, and only took 2 weeks to make it to my door. Very very happy with their service.
  20. I just did exactly the same umirin - Alien jacket delivered for about AU$550 - great communication etc - very highly recommend bimoto.de if you're after Dainese stuff.

    I did try to buy local and tried to talk them down from the $800 they wanted for the same jacket - but apparently they had only just reduced the price from the frankly astounding $1000 to, get this, 'compete with online retailers'.