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Online job applications protocol?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Seeing as I haven't applied for a real job working for someone else in oooooh, about 12yrs, I am a bit unsure of protocol for online applications. With my resume attached, should I write a bit of a blurb in the email also? Or just a short " in reference to xxxxxx position vacant, please find my resume attached." sort of thing?

    Thanks guys. :grin:

  2. treat the email as you would a cover letter.
    good luck :grin:
  3. ^^ wot he said :cool:
  4. If you are applying to an agency I'd not bother with the online application.

    Get a name / number from the position description call them up and tell them how awesome you are then send your resume directly to them. This gets your resume on top of all the others :grin:
  5. Keep the cover note short n sweet - they hardly read them anyway:

    Please find attached a copy of my resume in response to the xxx position currently advertised on ....

    Please do not hesitate to contact me on xxx should you wish to discuss my application further.

    my 2c.

    Wins for me every time - good luck!!!
  6. Have to disagree with you there Klairi. Make the cover letter concise. Trust me on that one Mark :wink: Remember that in this day and age you're generally going to get more applicants for positions than ever before simply due to the simplicity of pressing the 'enter' key on your puter. Make your resume stand out with a decent cover letter and then follow it up with a phone call to keep yours on top of the stack.

    Best of luck bro.
  7. Spot on. If you are experienced at the job you are applying for then tell them that, otherwise, just the above.

    It's what I use and most times I get a call asking me to come in for an interview.

    The last job I applied for read along the lines of;

    Hi, It's Vic, I used to work there 8 years ago, want me back, here's a resume, cheers"

    Got the call teh next day, started 5 days later. Damn I hate working ;)
  8. +1 to that - if there's contact details listed for enquiries (and there usually always is) try to think up a few decent questions to ask and ring them direct. Usually gives you an edge over the competition since it shows that you are genuinely interested (with online applications easy for people to just apply to everything) and means they'll associate an actual person with your application.
  9. Take it from someone who works in recruitment.... don't bother with the letter... we don't give a fcuk :p
    Make sure your resume is up to date and is tailored towards the role you are applying for....
    Also, DON'T CALL first, It does not give you an edge!!!! So many fcukwits call it shits us to tears!!!
    Send your resume first... then maybe call to follow up receipt of your resume a couple of hours later.... there is nothing worse when someone calls up and starts talking themselves up when i can't even look at their resume!!!
    It does nothing but piss me off.

    If we are interested by the resume we call you.... then consider the first call as a gauge of your phone manner, ability to speak english and ability to hold a conversation!!!.. generally i can tell a lot about you from the first call.... if I like the sound of you from the call, i will get you in for an interview... then we really get the ball rolling..... U might disagree... but if you get put forward by a recruitment agency then that means they have faith in you.. as personally i won't put you forward unless you have a very good chance of clicking with the employer......

    Honestly re: the call the recruiter line..... when i get a message saying so and so called to ask questions... that makes me think... they are either not good enough on paper.... or... they are just not good enough...then i look at their resume and guess what.. they are not good enough!!

    Above all mate... BE YOURSELF.... never pretend in an interview to get a job.... you'll come unstuck eventually and probably hate the job as well!!

    Let the flaming begin!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. what is your role in recruitment, browny?
  11. Apologies for the edit...
    My role in recruitment is as a 'recruitment consultant'. I gain clients (through selling), I meet my clients, establish relationships, advertise, interview, feedback, negotiate... pretty much the entire process bar the actual interview between client and candidate....

    Why do you ask mate?

    Essentially i work for a recruitment agency, who's services are utilised by our clients to provide a recruitment solution :grin:
  12. Perhaps you should think ... maybe they're asking for info because they're genuinely really interested in the job :roll:


    I hate recruitment companies. Full of tossers.
  13. because we recently ditched a recruitment agency, because we were not getting the candidates that we required. sure, it places a little more pressure on me as a "recruiter", but we found that the agency just wasnt capable of supplying the right candidates (who were on their books, i know, read on).
    after ditching them, 4 keepers within 2 weeks....all doorknockers from their books :shock:

    it's gotta be hard for you agencies, i reckon employers always get the best employees from (the potential employees) cold canvassing. agencies tend to attract has-beens, trouble makers, and numpties.

    but that's just my experience! YMMV :grin:

  14. ate, I used to call as well.... (but never before i send the resume)
    I would hope you would only apply in the first place, if you were genuinely really interested in the role... if you are not you are wasting my time and my clients..... believe it or not recruitment companies are not there to put bums on seats so to speak.... i personally want long term candidates........

    And mate if you are going to vomit... make sure you lie on your side... I'd hate to see you choke :wink:
  15. Joel, you're spot on.

    I worked in recruitment in the transport industry for a few years. All internal.

    Call ahead for white collar jobs. If you're a dingbat, we'll tell you to get nicked in as many words over the phone. Have a serious chat about the position and see what they say.

    Also, remember you should judge the employer and recruiter as much as they are judging you. A poor recruitment process is a sure sign of a sloppy company.
  16. I like to call up before I send in a CV to see if I should even bother applying for the role - the rates vary a lot, I refuse to work in certain areas and for certain companies - Why should I waste my time applying for a job that I know I won't accept when I can spend a few minutes on the phone finding out if it's worth my while?

    In the last six years I have always called up first and I generally get a client interview for about 95% of the jobs I have applied for and I'm offered about 90% of the roles I'm interviewed for - Clearly I'm not good enough :roll:.
  17. same here... i hear this time and time again.

    recruitment agencies seem to hire bimbos who dont have any real - e.g. recruiting for an IT consultant... if the guys resume says he pulled apart a computer when he was 10 then they send us the resume.
  18. And this is the sort of reason why some large companies no longer use recruitment agencies and have gone back to dealing with recruitment internally. A lot of recruitment agencies tend to be far too formulaic about the process, short-listing people that might follow the "proper procedure" well and impress those at the agency - only to wind up being completely useless for the job they're actually being interviewed for. Especially if it's a technical position about which the agency people know absolutely nothing.
    Goes the other way to - I refuse to apply for any job that involves going through a recruitment agency. Either someone at the company talks to me direct, or they can get stuffed.
  19. I hear you Joel! In the current climate it is bloody hard to get quality candidates... I work for a specialist agency (i.e. we recruit for essentially one industry only, we don't engage in general recruitment). Which makes it even harder!!
    However one thing we do that i'm sure a lot of agencies don't is tell our clients if it is shit out there.... I won't send anyone through unless i honestly think they could be a go-er.
    I know a lot of agencies don't, however i don't want to waste your time and damage my own rep by supplying crap candidates... :LOL:
    By all means I would try and recruit yourselves, I often say that to my own clients as well.. but if and when you need us you know where to find us... :grin:
    As my boss says we are a necessary evil..
    however one of the best feelings in the job is when you put a great candidate (who really needs a chance) into a great company and everyone gets along and the candidate can't thank you enough as he/she can pay their mortgage or whatever.. thats one part of the job that some critical members of the public don't think about.
    Now I'm rambling!!
  20. I agree some recruitment agencies are far too formulaic??
    However that is generalising which doesn't help anyone.... where i work offers a personal touch... It would be so easy to send any dickhead through... but we won't as it won't work long term...
    As i mentioned in the previous post.. the agency i work for is specialised... I know the roles... i know the duties, i know the requirements.... i"ve also alwaysmet the potential employer and visited your potential new premises.
    i have used a couple of recruitment agencies in the past myself... there also a LOT i would never use... as all they care about is their $$$
    there are some good ones!!