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Online/home based courses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Hi there, I've recently been seeing a vocational panel from TAC in regards to prep for getting back to work (whenever). At moment I'm in the "Can do a course due to not being able to work" stage and have been asked what course(s) I'd like to do. I've been looking at what I want and can't do them as basically TAC won't pay $4000 for a 3 day course and what not (can't blame them!) so I'm looking at less specialist courses. I wanted to further refine or at least officially get certified for stuff I normally do at work (linux/networking). I've decided to branch out and (at nix lovers horror) want to do Microsoft stuff related stuff. I want to look at doing some Microsoft programming/networking stuff as I've heard their languages (C#, .net ????) are "ok" by programmers now instead of being the laughing stock (visual basic).

    So, I was wondering if any people know of short courses that can be done either online or from home (OR at school I guess but preference is definitely from home but can't be too choosy if it totally kills all options) and what is 'best' to look for with the criteria I've said. Basically Microsoft (Windows) programming/networking related. Hell, I may even get a job doing (solely) this in the future and like it. Who knows? I don't until I try it.

    All help is appreciated with : Places to look at, links/urls, names of schools (tafes?), names of courses to look for and the like.

    Thank you, all help IS appreciated :)
  2. Check this out there could be somthing u want to do here :)

    I might be doing a photography diploma from here just seeing what place has the best price to do it at .

    Clicky Clicky
  3. Thanks, will look into it. No one else knows of places/names?
  4. www.open.edu.au

    I've been doing my degree this way, but you can just do one subject. Worth a look....
  5. You may want to consider contacting your local TAFE/s and asking if you can do individual units. I know that Central Gippsland TAFE offers this, althought they're not going to be any help for a Richmondite.

    This site might help also:

  6. Not really much help about "asking tafes about units etc" as I have to put in the cours(s) I want to be evaluated on Monday. So I have this weekend to actually find price/course name/location to submit :)
  7. I'm doing my library Diploma through Box Hill Tafe. Perhaps check their website as I'm sure they run IT off campus courses.
  8. JAVA... if you want employment. I rang up in regards to sourcing JAVA devs and they said that unless I was going to offer $100k + heaps of goodies forget about it.

    Either way good luck with it all.
  9. Cheers. I'll look into that actually, I was going to do JAVA for 4-6 months paid by work before the accident happened. *slaps head* I didn't even (re)think of doing that. Cheers man and nice bike! :D Hope last night went well :)
  10. No Probs. I can recommend calling an IT specialist job recruitment company (I have a few I can PM you) and ask what are the most common jobs they get called for that they can fill. I would suggest that developers would be on that list.
  11. My bad, sorry undii :oops: