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online helmets shops - Vic - Melb

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davway, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. after a few online stores that have a quick turn around in delivery within Victoria. (namely to Warrnambool)
    ive been down to the local and tried on several different helmets and found several i like but ive seen the exact same helmets online for a LOT cheaper.
    i need a helmet by the weekend so it HAS to be delivered, in my hands by Friday.
    anyone know of such places that have their range online?

  2. You could always take a printout and ask your local dealer if he/she will come close to it. After all, you DID try on at their store and if noone buys there they will close the shop and you will be SCREWED.

    Support your local community. It's also a lot easier to get warranty
    or exchange if something goes wrong.
  3. ill support my local community when they start supporting it themselves.
    yes, i did try helmets on in their shop. i also have bought parts from them as well. keep in mind, i am buying parts for a bike they (the factory dealer) dont even have listed in their own factory manuals.
    i will NOT open my wallet to line the pockets of local businesses when they have blatently upped the prices of everything in their store.
    yes, i am very familiar with running a business and the costs involved. a 200% higher price than other shops is just greed, greed that i will not fund.

    i also run a few RC cars and Trucks here as well. once again, local greed is a mojor problem. funny that i can buy parts from the U.S and have them delivered CHEAPER and QUICKER than i can drive down the street and have them order the exact same part in.

    at the end of the day, if one of these local businesses goes arse up, they have no one else to blame but themselves.
    i mean seriously, the local SUZUKI dealer just sold a mate an 07 SV650 for $14000 (not icluding on roads). should i still reach deep into my wallet when SUZUKI themselves are stating that the RRP is $9890+ORC?
    now, anyone else want to tell me why i should shop locally?
  4. wow.