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Online Australian Helmet Sites?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by PreludeTAS, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, newbie here!

    Recently acquired my license and have been around the shops looking at helmets in particular. I've tried on numerous brands, got all the advice and spiels from all the sales staff, so u can spare me that again :p

    Anyways, I have nailed which helmet I want to purchase, and the size. Now its just a matter of finding the best deal naturally. Having previously bought numerous items off the net for the cheapest deal, I naturally assumed it would be the same for motorcycle accessories... but so far I've been struggling to find a helmet any cheaper than what I've seen in the shops!

    Can anyone recommend any Australian sites that sell helmets at great prices, or do they not exist? I have nothing against buying from a local shop, just assumed I might be able to find better elsewhere on the net - and if I know my size and brand, then *theoretically* there shouldn't be too much trouble buying online, unless it gets dropped in transit or something I guess... I suppose warranties might be another issue, depending on where you purchase.

  2. I got a better price from Bikebiz.com.au but there wasn't that much in it. For me it was more about getting something from 'over east' that I couldn't get in WA.
  3. try helmet warehouse or just try doing a search.
  4. I tried helmet warehouse... they're offering the exact same price as in the shops! :p so much for a discount... infact its even more because of postage!

    I'm starting to think that when it comes to helmets, you'll struggle to find exceptionally good deals... maybe $100 off if you're lucky.
  5. You're on to it :LOL: . You can save a bit if you get "last year's" graphics/model, but the internet bit becomes irrelevant.
    Due to exchange rate issues great bargains are to be had in the States but then your bargain won't have an "aussie approved" sticker on it and is thence illegal and no bargain at all. :LOL:
  6. ^^ Yeah I thought that would be the case. I've seen cheap helmets in the US but yes they would be illegal here unfortunately.

    Ah well, guess I'll just have to fork out the hard earned dosh! But it'll be worth it because its an ace looking helmet :LOL:
  7. Well given that you've used up some shop time and worn their display helmet, it's probably only fair that you buy it from your local shop. It's good they are the same price there, too.
    Remember if you don't buy from your local shop, soon you won't have one. Then where will you try stuff on?
  8. Let's see; Australia's population, 20,000,000
    Riding population? perhaps 1,000,000
    Expectation of that population? Whatever is available overseas (US) should be available here at the same price and range.

    Let's see; US Population, 280,000,000 ............
  9. And the manufacturers costs per helmet are based on their total units, in which case the price should be the same worldwide to their distributors. When I was importing bikes I was getting the same price as the rest of the world, who were ordering way more than me. I had single shops in the USA buying more units than I was for the whole of Australia!
    Now the cost of local compliance ads to helmet prices, sure, but if they had a brain, then the manufacturers would be pushing for a single standard to be recognised worldwide wouldn't they?

    What lid are you after PreludeTas??
  10. Along the same lines, can some post the link for the helmet review. I think it was British and it went through and ranked a whole heap. Did a search for it, but no joy.

  11. where in Brisbane are you and what helmet are you chasing

    I may be able to help you out

    My last helmet I brought retailed for 799 I got it for 640

    got acouple of contacts ;)
  12. Oooh this sounds promising :grin:

    I'm chasing the Shoei XR1000 Rogue edition. RRP $800.

    I know I can get it somewhere for $720. Can you beat that? :cool:
  13. This is what it looks like:

  14. So where Prel'?
  15. I did my Q-Ride at Pro-Honda, and they give you a 10% discount on apparel once you've completed the course.

  16. Yup sure can and have

    check ur MSN :grin:
  17. Checked my MSN...

    $700 isn't all that much cheaper :p

    Where are you sourcing the helmet from anyway? Sounds like its not from Australia - in which case it would be illegal.
  18. There's a phrase about a gift horse and a mouth but I can't recall it now. :LOL:
  19. Hi there

    I really want the SHOEI helmet - Vogue. Its waaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range though. I can see going O/S isn't an option. Anyone have any how much I might be able to negotiate of RRP?


  20. John @ Yamaha city did me a good deal :D